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Orange branded Android home screen incoming

Orange branded Android home screen incoming

Orange has announced that it will introduce its own brand of home screen for handsets running Google’s Android operating system shipping this spring.

Set to launch with its ‘Signature’ line-up of phones, the upgrade brings more substantial trimmings than Orange’s custom UI efforts in the past, with animated Live wallpapers and quick action gestures to boot. The latter, in case you’re wondering, lets you draw up to 27 different symbols anywhere on the screen to launch apps, contacts and whatnot, which sounds pretty handy.

As do the Live wallpapers, by the way, the first of which will feature a lifelike candle that actually indicates the phone’s battery life. The more juice your phone drains, the faster the candle melts. Neat, huh? Orange has confirmed it will release at least five more wallpapers in the near future.

Fans of Sense UI need not fret, as the additions will not feature in HTC handsets. In any case, you always have the option to install your own custom launcher from one our Top 10 round-ups and give your phone the look you see fit.

Yves Maitre, senior VP of Orange Group Devices and Mobile Multimedia, said: "We are continually looking at ways to bring added value to our customers through the Orange Homescreen, offering simple, differentiating services and improved functionality.

“The homescreen plays a fundamental role in our Signature strategy, introducing both new and relevant Orange and third party services to our customers. Orange Gestures and Orange Live Wallpapers are our latest offerings to harness the innovation capabilities of the Android platform on our Signature phones.

“We make sure every pixel counts in order to deliver Orange customers with a sophisticated, stylish and simple experience."

It’s not clear if Orange’s other half, T-Mobile, with which it forms Everything Everywhere joint venture, will also offer a similar upgrade. We’ll be sure to bring you more as you get the deets.

Source: Orange

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