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  5. iPad 2 to see off rivals, says Gartner

iPad 2 to see off rivals, says Gartner

iPad 2 to see off rivals, says Gartner

The iPad 2’s ease of use will ensure Apple remains top dog in the nascent tablet space, influential market analysts predict.

Apple’s second generation tablet launched last month to a mixed response from techy types, many of whom dubbed it little more than an incremental upgrade rather than the game-changer they were hankering after.

Some analysts had forecast that the perceived lack of innovation on show would clear the way for the slew of soon-to-land, powerful Android Honeycomb powered slates to clean up.

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Not so, says Gartner. According to the number crunchers, the iPad 2 will trump its rivals thanks to a combination of keen price points and the appeal of its zeitgeisty apps.

Consumers will also be swayed by the fact that the Apple tablet is more user friendly than Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook, the analysts predict.

Gartner told the Guardian: "We believe some other tablet manufacturers are making a mistake by competing on hardware specifications.

"Tablets are about applications and what they empower users to do. Apple's focus on putting hardware at the service of user behaviour shows it understands this fact."

Would-be UK iPad 2 buyers are expected to be able to get their hands on the latest gadget from the House of Cupertino on March 25th (Friday).

However, speculation is abroad that Apple may delay the launch due to component supply problems arising from the Japanese earthquake as well as overwhelming demand in the US.


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