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BlackBerry Bold Touch footage leaked

BlackBerry Bold Touch footage leaked

Video footage of Research In Motion (RIM)’s upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch smartphone has leaked online in a YouTube video, showing the first-ever touchscreen-toting Bold in glorious motion.

The clip, which lasts just under a minute, demonstrates a variety of gestures we’ll be able to perform on the Bold’s all-new touchscreen, such as pinch-to-zoom and tap and hold, plus various shortcuts and menus that have been designed as part of the revamped, touchscreen-friendly BlackBerry OS 6 interface.

As far as the design of the handset is concerned, it doesn’t seem to deviate too much, if at all other than cosmetic changes, from its predecessors, which is probably what hardcore Bold fans would have been hoping for anyway.

What remains unknown is how responsive the touchscreen really is and whether it’s big and comfortable enough to use. Rest assured, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

The Bold Touch is expected to land in store shelves in summer. No word yet from RIM regarding pricing for the kit or which network partners would be offering it at launch, but stay tuned for an announcement regarding these real soon.



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