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Minecraft coming to Sony Ericsson Play exclusively

Minecraft coming to Sony Ericsson Play exclusively

Minecraft, the sandbox building game that’s become something of an internet phenomenon, is coming to the Sony Ericsson Play before any other phone.

Mojang, the Swedish indie code Vikings behind the hit title, has revealed that it is currently working on a version tailored specifically to the Play’s dedicated, physical gaming controls, and will launch exclusively on the device for a limited period of time, before eventually making its way to the iPhone and other Android devices later this year.

For those who’ve never played or heard of Minecraft before, it’s a clever and insatiably addictive game that allows players to create just about anything they can imagine in a 3D world using textured Lego-like blocks, from large spacecraft to huge castles and entire landscapes.

The current Beta version on desktop contains both a single and online multiplayer mode. The latter allows players to join others to build together and supports voice chat for communication. Both also contain a new survival mode that adds monsters to the mix that players have to fight off.


Since its public release in 2009, the game has garnered significant critical acclaim amongst gamers and critics alike and has been just as successful commercially with more than two million copies sold while still in beta.

Bagging such a popular title before the iPhone is a huge boon for the Play which has so far struggled to live up its pre-release hype as the so-called PlayStation Phone.

Full details of Minecraft’s release on the Play are expected to be unveiled at next month’s E3 gaming expo, so keep those eyeballs peeled.

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