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  5. O2 to offer Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in June

O2 to offer Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in June

O2 to offer Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in June

O2 will finally be ready to ship the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in June, as it continues to iron out last-minute glitches that delayed the handset’s scheduled launch last month.

News of the handset’s imminent arrival was revealed via O2’s official blog, which reassured customers looking to pick up the so-called ‘PlayStation Phone’ that the wait is almost over.

O2 said: “All the bugs we identified in our testing have now either been fixed or are being worked on and we’re confident that they will be fixed shortly.

“We’ll be working closely with Sony Ericsson throughout May and if everything goes to plan we’ll be happy to approve the PLAY and put it on sale, both the black version and our exclusive white version.”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

The Xperia Play was originally due to land on April 1st, but mysterious bugs uncovered near the launch forced O2 to postpone its release - much to the frustration of punters who were looking to upgrade to the console/smartphone hybrid.

Further delays also followed on other networks, as stock of the handset ran dangerously low due to parts shortages in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake disaster.

Key specs of the Play include a capacious four-inch touchscreen which slides out to reveal the main highlight of the show: a dedicated gamepad that houses the time-honoured PlayStation face buttons, a directional pad and a dual optical track pad. A pair of shoulder buttons also feature on the top corners of the device when held horizontally.

A 1GHz Snapdragon processor keeps everything running smooth as a seal, while Gingerbread out of the box ensures that users can experience the latest, greatest features that Android has to offer. Of course, being an SE phone, it also sports a none-too-shabby five-megapixel camera for snapping away when you're not playing.

O2 has yet to reveal pricing details for the handset. Those interested in purchasing the Play with O2 can register for updates on O2’s website now.



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