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Nokia & Sony Ericsson brands to 'die out in 2012'

Nokia & Sony Ericsson brands to 'die out in 2012'

The Sony Ericsson and Nokia brands will go the way of all flesh next year, a controversial report forecasts, as they continue to lose market share to rivals.

The two phone makers, neither of can claim stellar results of late, are named by 24/7 Wall Street among ten brands that will disappear over the next 12 months.

Alongside those two titans of the tech world are perv’s clothing label of choice American Apparel, poor old superannuated MySpace and cool in the ‘70s and ‘80s car-maker Saab.

The predictions come amid increasing speculation that Nokia is a takeover target for its Windows Phone 7 partner Microsoft.

Acquiring a handset maker would enable the company to exert much more influence over phones running its OS. And that’s obviously very desirable. But even if the deal was to happen, we can’t see Microsoft subsuming the Nokia brand quite as quickly as the report suggests.

Idle chatter that Sony would wind down its joint venture with Ericsson has been rife for years. However, these were reignited recently in the wake of a 19 per cent drop in sales for the first quarter of 2011.


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