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Top 10 BlackBerry apps of Q2 2011

Top 10 BlackBerry apps of Q2 2011

The selection of apps on BlackBerrys gets a bad rap. Unjustifiably so, we’re saying. Here’s ten titles that dropped in the last three months that prove BlackBerry World can more than hold its own against the App Store and Android Market.

1 Profixel


This is a lovely little app for creating cute avatars for your custom display image on BlackBerry Messenger. The fact that it renders as you might’ve appeared in Commodore 64 game circa 1985 just adds to its shambling, 8-bit charm.

2 Slide Show Maker

slideshow maker

I’m a keep-it-to-myself kind of chap. But that makes me a lone voice amid people seemingly obsessed with sharing the minutiae of their lives.

If you’re one of them, you’ll love Slide Show Maker which gives you much more control over your BlackBerry's slide show function when you’re showing off snaps to your chums.

Features include the option to choose which images make the cut and nice and easy uploading to Facebook. But the highlight for us is the option to add sound affects to your photos. After all, nothing makes a funny snap even funnier than a comedy klaxon.

3 CrackBerry app for BlackBerry PlayBook

crackberry app

Support for Android apps on RIM’s slate means you’re positively spoilt for choice. But one thing the Android Market won’t serve up is a news app dedicated to RIM. Enter the CrackBerry app, which last month made the journey from smartphones to the PlayBook.

It’s ace for keeping abreast of all things BlackBerry and is a joy to read on your slate’s seven-inch display. And as well as video, you get shortcuts to the site’s most popular features and the option to get involved in flaming wars in the comments sections.

4 Humans vs Aliens

humans vs aliens blackberry

Another tower defence title? Afraid so. Another Plants Vs Zombies rip-off to boot? Also guilty. But for all that, with nine different types of aliens and 17 types of humans with different weapons to get to grips with, across this example of cloneware still offers plenty of gameplay to sink your teeth into. Time killers don’t come much finer.

5 Magic Pen 2

magic pen 2

Physics game action with a Nintendo DS feel is the order of the day in Magic Pen 2, which charges you with drawing shapes on the screen to tackle puzzles. There's also a pin and hinge tool that comes into play with shapes you'll need to solve the more challenging problems.

6 Twitter

blackberry twitter homepage

Okay, so this is an update rather than a brand new app. So, strictly speaking it shouldn’t make our list. But it’s such a smart re-rub that we felt it more than merited inclusion.

In a nutshell Twitter 2.0 brings the micro-blogging service on RIM’s messaging marvels in line with competing operating systems. That means a much more intuitive experience and a revamped global nav bar. Highlights of which are a simpler to use button for composing tweets, a single screen for conducting universal searches.

7 Monster Truck Muddle

monster truck muddle

Remember Excitebike for the NES? The chaps behind this slice of dumb racing fun sure do.

The physics can be a little idiosyncratic, but that actually just adds to its low-fi, goofy charm. If you’re in the market for a racer that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is it.

8 Therapy Studio

therapy studio

Imagine you’re catching a red-eye plane for a business trip. Now imagine it’s massively delayed. Now imagine you’ve forgotten to load up Eno’s none-more-calming Music for Airports on your iPod. Stress on a grand scale is inevitable, right?

Not necessarily. Nab Therapy Studio and you can be back to your Zen self quicksmart. On board, there’s a dozen melodies and FX to induce restfulness, including chillout staples such as birdsong, windchimes and cicadas. You can also combine and loop them together into longer movements for when you really, really need to chill out, dude.

9 Ninja Shooter

ninja shooter

This Puzzle Bobble-esque title isn't much different from every other bubble shooter you've ever played. But with finely graded difficulty levels and a neat theme that pits ninjas against pandas and crisp graphics, it’s hard to think of a better example on BlackBerry phones.

10 BlackBerry Feedback Tool

blackberry feedback tool

BlackBerrys aren’t perfect. Even fanboys concede that. The BlackBerry Feedback Tool gives you a direct line to RIM so you can tell them how you feel about your phone’s functionality that you feel might’ve been implemented better. You can also get queries answered regarding problems with your handset and native apps. On paper at least. You might have to wait a while to get a reply, though, so patience is advised.

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