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BlackBerry Colt & Milan axed by RIM?

BlackBerry Colt & Milan axed by RIM?

Research in Motion (RIM) is believed to have pulled the plug on two flagship phones scheduled for release this year, posing serious questions over its future and that of the operating system it is pinning its hopes on.

According to leaks, RIM has axed two of the three BlackBerrys it planned to bring to market, namely the handsets codenamed the Colt and Milan. That leaves the London as the sole representative for the much-touted BB10 platform.

blackberry colt

The decision to pull the phones is believed to be related to problems with ensuring its popular messaging and email services, BlackBerry Messenger and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server respectively, works with its shiny, new OS.

News of RIM’s travails come after it has struggled to maintain marketshare over the last 12 months in the face of the challenge from Android and the iPhone.

The company’s handsets have also come in from strong criticism from tech watchers and the public alike, with the harshest reception reserved for un-user-friendly shortcomings of the BB7 operating system.


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