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  5. New iPad 3: Three unveils prices, Orange on board

New iPad 3: Three unveils prices, Orange on board

New iPad 3: Three unveils prices, Orange on board

Orange and Three will be ranging the New iPad, or as it’s still being informally dubbed the iPad 3, on monthly contract plans from tomorrow (Friday March 16th).

Three is offering the entry-level 16GB edition of Apple’s third-gen slate from £25 per month over a 24-month contract, plus a one-off payment of £159.

Check out Three’s pricing in full in the table below

New iPad Apple

That’ll get you 15GB of data every month. More importantly, depending on your location, you’ll also benefit from Three’s HSPA+ network technology which offers whip-smart connection speeds of up to 21Mb.

The 32GB and top-of-the-range 64GB editions are also up for grabs on Three from £25 per month for a 15GB monthly allowance, albeit with higher upfront charges of £229 and £299 respectively.

Fear commitment? Then maybe it’s Three’s one-month contracts that'll float your boat. These are priced £15 per month for 10GB data or £7.50 per month for 1GB. Prices for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models are at the standard Apple asking fee of £479, £549 and £629 respectively.

Orange has yet to confirm prices, but has pledged to come to market with some “attractive data plans that will allow customers to connect to its fast 3G and 3.5G network with speeds up to 50 per cent faster than previously available”.

It’s not yet clear if T-Mobile, Orange’s partner network under the Everything Everywhere banner, will also be ranging the new iPad. But we’d be surprised if it didn’t get on board soon.

Three New iPad/iPad 3 contracts

24 Month Contracts

Type Upfront Monthly Fee Term Value
16GB £99 £29 24 months 15GB
16GB £159 £25 24 months 15GB
32GB £169 £29 24 months 15GB
32GB £229 £25 24 months 15GB
64GB £249 £29 24 months 15GB
64GB £299 £25 24 months 15GB

One Month Contracts

Model RRP
New iPad 16GB £479
New iPad 32GB £549
New iPad 64GB £629
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