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  5. BlackBerry 10 dubbed ‘dead product’ by analyst

BlackBerry 10 dubbed ‘dead product’ by analyst

BlackBerry 10 dubbed ‘dead product’ by analyst

Research In Motion’s (RIM) hopes that BlackBerry 10 (BB10) will revive its flagging smartphone business are forlorn, an industry expert predicts.

This Wednesday, RIM is set to unveil two new phones, the touchscreen-touting Z10 and the QWERTY-equipped X10, powered by its new more user-friendly, cleaner and more modern operating system.

The handsets are seen as make-or-break for the Canadian phone-maker, which has been buffeted in recent years by loss of mind and market share to Android and Apple’s iPhone, as well as a series of PR disasters for the BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging service and its once impeccably secure email solution.

However, anyone betting on BB10 to spark an RIM revival is likely to be disappointed, according to mobile pundit and Mobile Review editor Eldar Murtazin, who claims that the revamped OS hasn't got a snowball in hell's chance of persuading punters to ditch their Samsung Galaxy kit or iPhone.

Murtazin, whose track record includes forecasting the Nokia-Microsoft love-in months before anyone else, tweeted: “I don't believe in Blackberry. No even small chance for them with .bb10. Dead product. Dead company.”

blackberry x10

His comments come despite favourable initial notices for BB10 in the tech press. These take in enhanced security, presumably intended to win back the company’s bread-and-butter user base of business customers, and an entirely touchscreen-optimised interface that dispenses with physical buttons completely.

The platform is also home to a fresh take on a touchscreen keyboard, which some have dubbed the “best native touch screen input method on any mobile platform”.



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