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  5. iPad air priced and on sale on EE and Vodafone

iPad air priced and on sale on EE and Vodafone

iPad air priced and on sale on EE and Vodafone

The iPad air is available now on the UK’s largest 4G network and one of its chief rivals, amid signs that Apple’s refreshed larger tablet could far outsell its smaller sibling.

Would-be buyers can pick up the slate on EE for £36 per month over 24 months, plus a one-off payment of £99. That gets them a not insubstantial 8GB of 4G use every month.

ipad mini 2 ipad air

EE is also offering the option to add the iPad air to a customer’s existing 4G handset plan under its shared plan scheme.

This is priced £26 per month and a one-off payment of £99 and enables up to four friends or family to share unlimited data, call minutes and texts between them and between a variety of web-enabled devices.

Choose Voda and you can get the iPad air from £28 per month, also over a two-year contract, and a £129 payment - albeit on a 3G contract. The monthly data allowance here is 1GB.

The air’s arrival on UK shop shelves comes after a uSwitch Tech poll revealed that twice as many consumers have put it top of their gadget wishlist as the iPad mini 2. Or iPad mini with Retina Display, to give it is official title.

Apple has yet to set a concrete release date for its junior tablet, but has told the tech world to expect some time later this month.

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