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BlackBerry Z3 not coming to the UK

BlackBerry Z3 not coming to the UK

BlackBerry has no plans to bring the Z3 to these shores, it has revealed.

The budget version of its high-end 5-inch screen BlackBerry Z30 flagship debuted overseas earlier this year.

The non-4G Z3 has been available elsewhere in the world for some time, but not in the UK.

And according to Patrick Power, Senior Carrier Product Manager at BlackBerry, alas that's not about to change either.

Asked if there was any chance of a UK release, he said: "At the moment, no. The market here demands LTE.

"The Z3 is mainly targeted at countries already named by [BlackBerry CEO] John Chen. Indonesia is a key one for us."

And the worse news for fans of super-fast connectivity is there's little chance of a UK launch for the LTE model that debuted at Mobile World Congress this year either.

"We're always looking at LTE variants of different devices, but there's no plans or announcements as yet."

Less surprising is that after the disappointing showing of the BlackBerry Playbook, the company has called time on tablets for the foreseeable future.

"At the moment, there are plans to launch one. But when we look at the evolution of The Internet of Things and Blend [BlackBerry’s remote access client for its phones] that might change.

"Blend allows us to have what's on a device, onto a tablet, onto an iOS platform, onto Windows.

"Let other people build better tablets - we'll just take advantage of what they've got."

Moving away from the more affordable phones appears to be key for BlackBerry, as it pins its hopes on a back-to-basics approach it hopes will put the beleagured company back in business.

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