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Nokia promises new phones on February 26th

Nokia 6 hero image

The long–awaited relaunch of Nokia finally looks set to become a reality, after the company used its social media channels to promise ‘new announcements’ on February 26th.

That date tallies with the start of the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, where rival mobile makers are set to reveal their new products for 2017.

Nokia's return has been in the offing for some time, with the new Nokia 6 launched in China earlier this month. Over 500,000 people have registered their interest in that phone, which runs a reworked version of Google Android.

It’s likely that February 26th will see Nokia launch the Nokia 6 globally, as well as unveil plans for the Nokia 8, a new flagship phone aimed at reigniting interest in the long dormant brand.

Nokia sold its mobile device business to Microsoft, only for the latter to see its Lumia smartphones fail to catch on. This new batch of Nokia phones are being made under licence by HMD, with Nokia itself not involved in production.

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