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Nokia 3310 on sale today

Dom Joly Nokia 3310 hero

The 2017 edition of the Nokia 3310 is finally available to buy today, some three months after its grand unveiling sparked a wave of nostalgia and a surge of interest in retro handsets.

Up for grabs from Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone and EE, the £49.99 handset is tipped to find a ready market among consumers who want a back-up phone for emergencies, or a stripped-down, cheap(ish) ‘festival phone’.

If you want to get one right now, you’ll need to get yourself down to select bricks-and-mortar outlets in London.

Among them are Vodafone’s White City and Oxford Street Experience stores, which are offering the 3310 for £39 on pay as you go when bought with a £10 Big Value Bundle.

Dom Joly Nokia 3310

Carphone’s Oxford Street store is also selling the 3310 today, where the queues of would-be owners were entertained by Trigger Happy TV’s Dom Joly mugging with a trademark massively oversized version of the phone.

The new take on the 3310 retains the original’s candy bar-style design, staggering battery life and hard-wearing properties. But adds a colour screen, a stripped down browser and a two-megapixel camera.

Keen to learn more? Here's our pick of the five keys things you need to know about the new Nokia 3310.

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