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  5. The OnePlus 5 promises improved low-light photos

The OnePlus 5 promises improved low-light photos

OnePlus 5 tweet camera hero image

As excitement for the new OnePlus handset continues to grow ahead of its anticipated release later this month, the company keeps hinting at camera smarts that will be well worth the wait.

In a tweet from last week, OnePlus posted two side-by-side photos of a bridge alongside a caption asking viewers to guess which image was taken using the as-yet-unveiled OnePlus 5.

As you can see, the second image shows a far superior low-light performance, capturing much more detail and really vivid colours.

Although it’s not clear which smartphone was used to capture the first image, the difference between the two photos is pretty striking and creates a rather compelling argument in favour of the soon-to-be-unveiled high-end, low-priced OnePlus.

Couple this with the fact that OnePlus is currently running a competition for Instagrammers to win a chance to review the camera on its latest phone, it seems fairly certain that the camera will be the stand-out feature on the 2017 flagship killer.

OnePlus has already confirmed that the 5 will have the latest SnapDragon 835 and there are rumours of a premium glass construction and a huge long-life battery, all of which would help it compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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