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Sony Xperia bezel-free smartphone coming next month

JDI bezel-free screen

Phones with small bezels (that's the edging that surrounds a handset's display) are something of a trend in 2017. We've already had them from LG and Samsung. And we're soon to get one from Sony too.

The phone is said to be in Sony's Xperia range and is expected to debut at the IFA mobiles trade show at the end of August.

According to a post on Chinese social microblogging site Weibo, it will be completely bezel-less. However as the picture testifies, that's often just marketing speak for having extremely slim bezels.

While the handset is just a rumour for now, it's backed up by recent developments.

JDI, a display-maker that's a joint venture between Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi, has announced that it's started mass producing its Full Active QHD screen, which would be perfect for the Sony phone.

And seeing as Sony is probably the biggest of the three manufacturers, it makes sense it would be the first to employ the technology.

The phone is rumoured to have a 6-inch screen, with the 18:9 aspect ratio that's so fashionable nowadays – the recent LG G6 used it, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 tweaked it slightly to 18.5:9.

Sony's press conference is scheduled for 31st August, the day before the IFA trade show starts in Berlin. Stay tuned for all the news as it breaks.


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