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OnePlus 6 launches with big screen, low price

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If you want a high-end phone but don’t want to pay high-end prices, check out the OnePlus 6.

The successor to last year’s OnePlus 5Tpacks an AMOLED screen, dual cameras and a new glass design into a package that’s a fraction of the cost of the iPhone X.

Keen to find out more? Take a more in-depth look at the OnePlus 6.

It will set you back just £469. That might not sound cheap, but compared to a £1,000 iPhone X, it’s a bargain.

It’s a big handset too, with a 6.28-inch screen. The navigation bar has been redesigned so it can be replaced by gesture controls, meaning more screen real estate than ever.

Inside is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. This is 30 per cent more powerful than its predecessor, and 10 per cent more power efficient. That should mean longer battery life.

There’s also 8GB of RAM, which should handle all the latest games without so much as a shrug.

It’s quite a looker, too, coming in three finishes: Midnight Black, Mirror Black and the limited edition Silk White.

Both black models have a thin layer of film embedded underneath the glass to create a sense of depth as light and shadow play across the device.

The Midnight Black model has a jagged texture etched onto its film, creating a subtle S-shaped line when reflected in light. And the white model uses pearl powder to create a subtle shimmering effect.

The dual camera system comprises a 16-megapixel main snapper and a 20-megapixel supplementary shooter.

The Advanced HDR mode should enhance the lighting, while Portrait Mode blurs the background for pro-looking portraits.

Portrait Mode is available on both the front and rear cameras, so you can use it for selfies too.

The phone starts at £469 for the 64GB model, and costs up to £569 for the 256GB version. It’s available from 22nd May. The limited edition Silk White version goes on sale on 5th June.

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