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OnePlus phones unlikely to get wireless charging soon

OnePlus 6 original wallpaper homescreen hero image

Despite plenty of chat to the contrary, this year’s OnePlus 6 did not launch with wireless charging.

And now, the company’s CEO, Pete Lau, has said that he doesn’t believe the tech to ensure fast charging without wires is ready yet.

In an interview on his company’s own website, Lau said, “We have tested and will continue to test wireless charging technology going forward, but for now, we have not yet found a solution that meets our expectations for speed and convenience.

“This technology also still results in a thickening of the device and a heating of the device in the charging process.”

Lou’s honesty comes eight months after he wrote a blog post saying the company’s Dash Charge function was superior to wireless charging.

Apple and Samsung both offer wireless charging. Yet the standard remains way short of charging via USB–C and still requires a special plate on which to rest a device in order to power it up.

OnePlus has recently brought a series of features from its OnePlus 6 to its older phones, including the OnePlus 5 and 3.



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