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  5. Huawei starts testing Android Pie on P20 and Mate 10 Pro

Huawei starts testing Android Pie on P20 and Mate 10 Pro


Huawei has confirmed that it has started testing Google’s newly released Android Pie software on four of its phones, but has not said when it will be publicly available to consumers.

An executive from the Chinese mobile-maker used his Weibo social media account to reveal that the Mate 10 Pro, Huawei P20, Honor 10 and Honor V10 had started trials with Android Pie earlier this week.

There is no beta, work-in-progress version available as yet for users, with engineers still likely to be trying to suss out how they can install Android Pie and use it alongside Huawei’s customised UI.

The latter is likely to mean it’ll be months before Android Pie is officially released for Huawei smartphones.

The news comes just days after Google released Android Pie for its own Pixel handsets and revealed devices from OnePlus and Nokia would soon receive the update having been on the initial testing programme.

Android Pie comes with a series of new features, including adaptive battery for improved charge, tweaks to brightness settings and a new range of gesture controls designed to change the way people interact with their smartphones.

What's new with Android Pie? Take a whistlestop tour of its key features with our guide.


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