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Sky to ditch the satellite dish and offer a smart TV streaming service

Sky to ditch the satellite dish and offer a smart TV streaming service

Sky has announced a brand-new way to watch TV at home called Sky Glass. Instead of satellite TV, it will let you access Sky’s famed entertainment and sport on a special internet-connected smart TV.

The telecoms provider has long been rumoured to launch an internet TV service. It means that you can finally avoid the hassle of installing a satellite dish and a bulky Sky Q set-top box. But the catch is that you’ll need to buy a new TV for the privilege.

The new service is similar to the internet-based streaming service NOW, which Sky also owns. However, it will come with the full roster of content and viewing options that Sky Q has available, such as 4K picture quality.

Find out more about Sky Glass to see if you could benefit from this game-changing internet TV service.

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What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is essentially a ‘streaming TV’. It gives you access to Sky’s extensive, premium TV content, but through your home internet rather than a satellite dish.

For a monthly fee, you will be able to watch Sky just like you currently can through the Sky Q set-top box. But it will all be hosted inside the Sky Glass TV, which wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi router.

It means setting up a new Sky TV package will become a lot easier, because it doesn’t require an engineer visit to install physical equipment on your property. It’s also a much more modern way of delivering TV, with satellite technology becoming increasingly out-of-date.

The monthly fee you pay will be a bundled bill that pays for the Sky Glass TV, a Sky Ultimate TV package and any extras you’d like to add to your package. The TV also comes with a two-year warranty and free delivery.

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How good is the Sky Glass TV?

From what Sky has announced, the Sky Glass smart TV will be top-of-the-range. The provider prides itself on offering high-quality, premium television, so it’s no surprise the tech it’s offering is good enough to match it.

As is the case for most new TVs, Sky Glass offers 4K picture quality and HDR colour range. That’s all pretty standard nowadays, but it just means it’s capable of displaying the best quality broadcast TV can offer right now.

Most notably though, the Sky Glass TV has a QLED screen, which is the technology used by Samsung for its best televisions. It’s the same type of screen as a normal LED TV, but with a special ‘quantum dot’ layer, which allows for a much wider range of colours.

It even comes with very powerful built-in Dolby Atmos® speakers, including a booming subwoofer and 360-degree sound. It’ll mean that you won’t have to invest in an expensive set of external speakers to get quality cinematic sound.

So essentially, the Sky Glass TV is a very good one. It doesn’t have the most advanced technology out there, like an OLED screen or 8K resolution. But it will easily display the best TV quality that Sky is currently capable of.

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It comes in three sizes: Base (43-inch), Medium (55-inch) and Large (65-inch). You’ll also get a range of colour options so you can match the TV and remote with your living room. Choose between:

  • Ocean blue
  • Ceramic white
  • Racing green
  • Dusky pink
  • Anthracite black

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What internet speed do I need for Sky Glass?

Since the service will run off your broadband rather than a satellite dish, you will need to account for it when you’re deciding what broadband speed to choose.

The speed required entirely depends on the quality of the content you watch. If you watch something in HD on Sky Glass, it will use up 5Mbps of your bandwidth. But if you choose to stream in 4K, it could use five times more — around 25Mbps.

Most broadband deals are on a much faster speed than this (the average is around 60Mbps). But you’ll need to account for all the other internet-connected devices in your home too, because the amount of bandwidth being used at the same time can quickly build up. So if you’re on a relatively slow package of 35Mbps or below, multiple people streaming TV at once might be a bit of a struggle.

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The good news is that in the last couple of years, faster broadband deals have become a lot more affordable, thanks to the growing coverage of full fibre. Compare broadband deals with Uswitch to see if you could get a faster deal for a similar price to your current package.

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When can I get Sky Glass?

Sky Glass will become available for UK customers from Monday 18 October.

And in 2022, Sky plans to launch a 4K smart camera for the Sky Glass TV, which will allow for video calls, interactive games, virtual workouts and more.

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How much does Sky Glass cost?

Sky Glass will be available for a minimum monthly subscription price of £39. That’s for the 43-inch TV and Sky’s Ultimate TV package, which you need to watch Sky TV.

If you go for the 55-inch TV, that will increase to £43. And the 65-inch TV will bring the monthly fee to £47.

For those who want to stream Sky in multiple rooms in the home, you can opt for the additional Whole Home pack. This will include a Sky Stream Puck — a small streaming device that you can plug into another TV and connect to your Sky Glass TV — which will cost an extra £10 per month per puck.

And finally, if you want access to Sky’s premium add-ons, such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, you will also have to pay the usual additional fee to see that content.

It’s yet to be confirmed how Sky Glass will be looped into future Sky Broadband bundles. But we suspect this will be a tempting offer for people who’d like a seamless broadband and TV service with one provider.

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