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What's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

If you're looking to watch as many Premier League and Champions League matches as possible, the main hosts of live football on TV are Sky Sports and BT Sport, with some key matches being streamed live on Amazon Prime as well. Depending on which provider you're currently signed up to – or which one you're planning to switch to – here's the cheapest way to watch football on TV.
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watching football on TV

If you're a huge football fan, you're often spoilt for choice with matches to watch throughout the week. With the Premier League on weekends and Champions League, Europa League, cup matches and lower-league football on most weekdays, there is an abundance of football available to watch.

But a lot of it comes at a cost. Companies like Sky and BT own the rights to broadcast various competitions exclusively on their own channels, which means you'll have to sign up to multiple brands if you want to watch everything that's on offer.

Find out how you can watch football on TV at the lowest cost you can.

How much does it cost to watch all the Premier League matches on TV?

Though the price of broadband and TV deals are constantly changing, the cost of watching all the Premier League matches on TV - including the cost of broadband, Amazon Prime and both Sky and BT Sport subscriptions – typically works out to be between £80-£90 a month.

Here's a snapshot of the monthly cost of watching all the Premier League games through various providers:

What's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

At the time of writing, BT TV works out to be the cheapest monthly cost of watching all the upcoming Premier League games. It's also known for running some great introductory promotions at the start of a new Premier League season, such as three months for £1 a month.

However, the downside is that BT contracts are 24 months long, meaning the total cost will actually be the highest.

Virgin Media is a close second this year, offering some great-value bundle deals that combine its lightning-fast broadband with a comprehensive sports and entertainment package.

Which sports streaming service should I get?

Trying to figure out which streaming services you'll need to subscribe to in order to watch all your favourite live sports? Use our Ustream Sports tool below to find out what channels you'll need to watch your favourite events.

Flexible deals for sports channels

If you’re not currently a Sky or BT customer and you have no plans on switching anytime soon, you can still get access to all the sports channels you could want via streaming services.

You can get access to all 11 Sky Sports channels with the NOW Sports membership, which is currently available for £33.99 a month as of December 2022. There’s even a day pass that costs £11.99 if you’re interested in watching specific matches.

You can also subscribe to BT Sport on a monthly basis for £21 a month, which you can stream through the dedicated BT Sport app on your smart TV or mobile devices.

What's cheaper, Sky or BT?

BT Sport is cheaper than Sky Sports, simply because Sky has more channels, more programming and more exclusive matches. There are lots of ways to get access to both Sky Sports and BT Sport, and the price you pay will mostly depend on which broadband provider you’re with.

That being said, both BT and Sky often have special deals and offers running, so to get an accurate idea of your options it's best to regularly compare broadband and TV deals.

Compare broadband and TV deals

What’s the cheapest way to get BT Sport?

The cheapest way to get BT Sport involves being a BT customer. You can add it to your BT TV package for just £15. If you’re not with BT but you are on Plusnet, you can get access to the BT Sport app for just £17.51 a month. For everyone else, the cheapest way to get BT Sport is to pay £21 to access the BT Sport app directly.

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What’s the cheapest way to get Sky Sports?

If you’re a Sky TV customer, the cheapest way to get Sky Sports is simply upgrading your subscription from £23 a month. If you’re not with Sky or BT, the cheapest way to get Sky Sports is with the NOW TV Sky Sports pass, currently £25 for a month, or just £5.99 for a mobile-only pass.

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How to get the cheapest sports TV deal

In order to watch all the Premier League games this season, you'll need access to Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as having a broadband connection to stream live games on.

On our TV deals page, you can select BT Sport and Sky Sports in the Channels section on the left to filter for deals that include access to both sports channels. Have a browse and see which TV deal would be best for you.

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Which Premier League team is the most expensive to support?

Not all teams are created equal, and even our favourites don't always get the airtime we think they deserve. And when we subscribe to various sports channels in order to show our support, the more time they spend on the pitch and on our screens, the better value for money that TV sports subscription becomes.

Based on last year's fixtures, here are the least and most expensive teams to support in the Premier League.

Updated 3 August 2022
Premier LeagueEuropean games (Champions League/Europa Leage/Europa Conference League)Total predicted gamesCost per game (£)
PositionTeamsSky SportsBT SportsAmazon PrimeBT SportsAll channelsCost of cheapest Sky Sports & BT Sport bundle for 10 months + two months of Prime Video
1Arsenal198212⁴ 41£10.44
3Man City197213⁶41£10.44
4Man Utd197210⁷38£11.26
6West Ham174212⁹35£12.23
11Aston Villa1442N/A20£21.40
12Leicester City952N/A16£26.75
14Crystal Palace1042N/A16£26.75
20Nottingham Forest³732N/A12£35.67


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