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What's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

What's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

Even though the football stadiums are due to potentially reopen soon, most of the action on the field is still limited to what we can watch on screen.

If you're looking to watch as many Premier League and Champions League matches as possible, the main hosts of live football on TV are Sky Sports and BT Sport, with some key matches being streamed live on Amazon Prime as well.

Depending on which provider you're currently signed up to – or which one you're planning to switch to – here's the cheapest way to watch football on TV.

How much does it cost to watch all the Premier League matches on TV?

Though the price of broadband and TV deals are constantly changing, here's a snapshot of the monthly cost of watching all the Premier League games through various providers:

Flexible deals for sports channels

If you’re not currently a Sky or BT customer and you have no plans on switching anytime soon, you can still get access to all the sports channels you could want via streaming services.

You can get access to all 11 Sky Sports channels with the NOW Sports membership for £33.99 on a rolling monthly subscription. There’s even a £9.99 day pass you can get if you’re interested in watching a particular match.

You can also subscribe to BT Sport on a monthly basis for £25 per month which you can stream through the dedicated BT Sport app on your smart TV or mobile devices.

What's cheaper, Sky or BT?

BT Sport is cheaper than Sky Sports, simply because Sky has more channels, more programming and more exclusive matches. There are lots of ways to get access to both Sky Sports and BT Sport, and the price you pay will mostly depend on which broadband provider you’re with.

That being said, both BT and Sky often have special deals and offers running, so to get an accurate idea of your options it's best to regularly compare broadband and TV deals.

Compare broadband and TV deals

What’s the cheapest way to get BT Sport?

The cheapest way to get BT Sport involves being a BT customer. You can add it to your BT TV package for just £15. If you’re not with BT but you are on Plusnet, you can get access to the BT Sport app for just £10 a month. For everyone else, the cheapest way to get BT Sport is to pay £25 to access the BT Sport app directly.

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What’s the cheapest way to get Sky Sports?

If you’re a Sky TV customer, the cheapest way to get Sky Sports is simply upgrading your subscription for £23. There's also an option to add Sky Sports Football for £18 a month on a rolling 1-month contract.

If you’re not with Sky or BT, the cheapest way to get Sky Sports is with the NOW TV Sky Sports pass, which is £33.99 for a month, or just £5.99 for a mobile-only pass.

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