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British Gas HomeCare® Range - British Gas Boiler Cover

British Gas boiler cover is a popular way of ensuring your boiler gets serviced. Here, we take a closer look at the HomeCare® range from the UK’s biggest energy supplier: British Gas

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Boiler maintenance is one of the key issues facing homeowners today, particularly with so many properties across the UK containing older models that need regular servicing. There is nothing worse, particularly in the winter months, than having a boiler on the blink.

Here we take a look at the HomeCare® line of boiler cover from British Gas, including exact coverage and things you should be aware of.

What is the British Gas HomeCare® Range?

The British Gas HomeCare® range of central heating and boiler cover provides ongoing maintenance, servicing and cover for breakdown or repairs. With more than 6,300 Gas Safe-registered boiler engineers and a 24/7 customer helpline, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands when it comes to repairs. British Gas can also cover faulty electrics, blocked drains and plumbing repairs.

As mentioned, HomeCare® is a range of products, so the level of care, extent of coverage, and therefore the price, will vary according to your needs. Products are available individually, in any combination or as a HomeCare® package.

There are four main bundles of products and services: British Gas Homecare 100™, British Gas Homecare 200™, British Gas Homecare 300™ and British Gas Homecare 400™. You’ll find all the choices available to you in the table below.

British Gas Homecare

British Gas Homecare 100™ and British Gas HomeCare® 200

British Gas HomeCare 100™ is the basic Homecare package, providing cover for your boiler and controls with an annual boiler service, safety and energy efficiency test. Whereas British Gas HomeCare 200™ also covers repairs to your central heating system, radiators, pipework and hot water system.

The prices are fixed for the first year and unlimited boiler call outs per year are included in all HomeCare® bundles, but watch out; your breakdown history will be taken into account in determing your price next year.

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British Gas HomeCare® 300 and British Gas HomeCare® 400

British Gas also offer cover for your plumbing and drains, with British Gas HomeCare 300™ including plumbing repairs to hot and cold water pipes, cold-water storage tanks, taps and seized stopcocks. Also included is the unblocking and repairing of drains and pipes.

The most comprehensive package offered by British Gas is HomeCare 400™ which also covers your home electrics and repairs to electrical wiring, fuse-boards and broken, damaged or faulty electrical fittings inside and outside your home.

HomeCare® packages

All of the HomeCare® packages offer unlimited call outs per contract year [1] and parts and labour come included [2] (see Be aware section below).

All HomeCare® packages come with an annual boiler service that includes a safety and energy efficiency check, and provide replacement of the boiler if it can’t be repaired (again, see Be aware [3]).

Alternatively, British Gas also offers Boiler and Controls breakdown cover and Central Heating Breakdown cover. These levels of cover do not include an annual service visit.

The price of the HomeCare® packages depends on which excess level you choose, as well as your postcode, because prices within the M25 may vary.

There are some exclusions that apply to these packages, such as removing sludge or hard-water scale from your boiler or central heating system, shower repairs, shared drains and replacing taps, electrical appliances as well as faults caused by someone else you used for repairs, deliberate damage, design faults or misuse.

Do you need boiler cover?

The most dangerous time for most boilers, particularly the most common condensing boilers, is winter, which is unfortunately when you are likely to need it most.

Luckily it's easy to do something about it, so there's no reason you should be left without heating and having to make expensive calls to your local plumber.

There are some basic things you can do though to prevent breakdowns from happening:

  • If you leave your heating on constantly in winter it can help prevent the pipes from freezing. However, this isn’t very energy efficient, so if you do leave heating on more, make sure you set your thermostat to a lower temperature.
  • Keep you boiler manual handy in case you need it in an emergency. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, you should be able to get a replacement from your boiler manufacturer.
  • If you have a new boiler, try and look for the ‘automatic pump anti-seize function’ in the manual. This will spin the pump if your boiler hasn’t been used in a while, like in late autumn, and will prevent problems.
  • If your boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen you may be able to fix the problem yourself. You can use warm (but not boiling) water to temporarily unfreeze the pipe, and lag it with insulation material. This may help get your boiler started again, but you may still need the experts.

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Be aware...

[1] Your breakdown history will be taken into account in determining next year's pricing.

[2] Limits and exclusions apply, please see full terms & conditions.

[3] A replacement boiler if it's less than seven years old and can't be repaired. A replacement boiler if between seven and ten years old and can't be repaired, as long as British Gas installed it and you have had a continuous agreement with British Gas for the life of the boiler.

For more information on central heating cover you can check out our dedicated guide page.

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