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Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three Mobile Broadband 15GB - Premium

Free Premium USB modem stick. 40% faster than previous models. Rotates to acquire better signal.

Best value per Gigabyte with Premium USB dongle

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up to* 42Mb
15GB 24 months £19.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 2GB - USB Stick

2GB of monthly UK data. Perfect for occasional usage.

2GB Mobile Broadband with handy Mobile Broadband USB Memory Stick FOR FREE!

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up to* 7.2Mb
2GB 12 months £15.00 Buy now
Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 1GB - USB Stick

One month mobile broadband. For very occasional use.

Internet that travels with you on 30 day rolling contract + FREE DONGLE!

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up to* 7.2Mb
1GB 12 months £10.00 Buy now
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Fast mobile broadband explained

Fast mobile broadband packages give you high speed mobile internet access with a quicker connection than standard mobile broadband packages. But it is important to remember that mobile broadband speeds can vary widely and you may not always get the maximum speed advertised by your provider.

Even the fastest mobile broadband packages are as dependent on where the service is being used. Mobile broadband download speeds vary between areas depending on network coverage, so getting the fastest mobile broadband deal is highly dependent on finding the best 3G or 4G network in your locality.

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Award winning fast broadband:

Three took away the prize for fastest broadband provider in our 2012 awards. Find out more about the winners our [uSwitch Tech awards page](/broadband/awards/2013 uSwitch Broadband Awards")

Fast mobile broadband for businesses

Fast mobile broadband packages are great for business users. Sign up for one these and you can access a high speed internet connection comparable to the broadband connection in your office everywhere you go.

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Fast mobile broadband providers

The fastest mobile broadband connections are available from:


Unlike most UK mobile broadband providers, which use 3G technology, EE uses a super fast advanced 4G network to deliver some of the fastest mobile broadband speeds around. These are roughly five times the average speed of UK 3G.

The only drawback is that 4G is only available in some parts of the country. However, the network is being extended all the time, so it's worth checking on the EE site if 4G is available in your area before you commit to a contract.

Orange fast mobile broadband

Vodafone offers mobile broadband speeds of up to 21Mbps. Both pay as you go and pay monthly options are available.

T-Mobile fast mobile broadband

T-Mobile’s fast mobile broadband is also comparable to home broadband speeds and offers connections of up to 21Mbps. As with all fast mobile broadband providers, the speed and quality of T-Mobile’s fastest mobile internet service varies depending on location and network coverage.

At T-Mobile’s HotSpot locations you are guaranteed a good high speed mobile broadband connection.

Three fast mobile broadband

Three’s mobile network has a theoretical maximum speed of up to 21Mbps, thanks to the advanced HSPA+ technology it employs.

As with other mobile broadband suppliers, however, the speed you receive will depend on your location and how in-demand the service is at the time.

Fast mobile broadband dongles & Mifis: what's the difference?

Each fast mobile broadband provider offers a dongle designed to look good and provide a high speed internet connection straight to your laptop without any wires. These are tiny gadgets that are stick-shaped and are supremely compact.

You can compare all dongle deals here dongles

Mifis are best described as mobile broadband wi-fi modems and offer the same of fast mobile broadband speeds. However, unlike dongles they can be used to provide a wireless mobile broadband connection for multiple web-enabled devices simultaneously. As you might expect, they are slightly larger than dongles, but are still easily small enough to slip into your pocket.

Fast mobile broadband availability

The fastest mobile broadband speeds can be obtained in cities. In most urban areas where mobile phone network coverage is strong, fast mobile broadband packages provide a high speed mobile internet connection comparable to the speed of a home broadband connection.

However, if you live in very rural or remote areas where mobile phone coverage is not very strong, you are unlikely to be able to fully benefit from the fastest mobile broadband deals.

This does not mean you cannot get mobile broadband in rural areas. The coverage is always improving and if the network conditions in your area do not yet support 3G or 4G for fast mobile broadband access then your mobile broadband will revert to GPRS. This will mean that you will still be able to access the internet on your laptop, but at substantially reduced speeds.

The fastest mobile broadband speeds are reserved for 4G customers. Although, as it stands, availability is limited, the reach of 4G across the UK is growing all the time.

For help understanding what affects your mobile broadband coverage, check out our guide to mobile broadband coverage

Fast mobile broadband in the future

Mobile broadband technology is progressing at such a pace that the capabilities and speed of even the fastest mobile broadband is moving forward in leaps and bounds.

Launched in the UK in 2012, 4G mobile broadband** will eventually replace 3G as the dominant mobile broadband standard. 4G enables users to access voice, data, mobile internet and streamed multimedia whenever they want and at faster speeds than the fastest mobile broadband 3G technology.

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The thing to remember with all fast mobile broadband is that while you will get a high speed mobile internet connection, it will always vary depending on location, how busy the mobile network is at any one time and the strength of the mobile broadband signal. This the case whether you're signed up to a 4G or 3G service.

For more information to help you choose between home and mobile broadband check out our home v mobile broadband guide.

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