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Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp
Roundel White Netflix 6 Months Free

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 8GB - USB Stick

Free super-fast USB modem stick. Huge 8GB allowance!

UK's fastest & best-rated mobile broadband + get a free dongle + 6 months FREE NETFLIX!

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up to* 7.2Mb
10GB 12 months £26.00 Buy now
Huawei E5756 MiFi Black

Three MiFi (White) - 1 Month

Personal wireless hotspot. Rolling 1 month contract with 5GB limit. Up front cost £29.99.

New High-speed mobile Wi-Fi! Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi gadgets at the same time.

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up to* 21Mb
5GB 1 month £15.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three Mobile Broadband PAYG +1GB

USB modem stick pre-loaded with 1GB data. Upfront cost £24.99. Initial top up of £10 required.

Pre-loaded USB stick deal with no contract. USWITCH.COM PAYG BESTSELLER

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up to* 21Mb
1GB pay as
you go
£24.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 1GB - USB Stick

One month mobile broadband. For very occasional use.

Internet that travels with you on 30 day rolling contract plus get a free dongle!

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up to* 7.2Mb
1GB 12 months £10.00 Buy now
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three 4G Mobile Broadband 15GB - Premium

Free Premium USB modem stick. 40% faster than previous models. Rotates to acquire better signal. Upfront cost £34.99

Best value per Gigabyte with Premium USB dongle

More info

up to* 42Mb
15GB 24 months £19.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Osprey Mifi Home EE MBB May 14

EE 4G Osprey MiFi - 3GB

Receive emails, search Google maps or download photos five times faster than 3G. £39.99 upfront cost

New high-speed mobile broadband! FREE BT Wi-Fi minutes and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday

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up to* 30Mb
3GB 1 month £15.00 price details Buy now
Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 3GB - USB Stick

3GB of monthly UK data. Perfect for occasional usage.

3GB Mobile Broadband plus handy Mobile Broadband USB Memory Stick free.

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up to* 7.2Mb
2GB 12 months £16.00 Buy now
o2 e169

O2 Mobile Broadband - USB Stick Pay and Go

USB modem stick pre loaded with 2GB data. Top up with the amount of data you need. £26.50 upfront cost.

No contract! Alcatel dongle available in black or white.

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up to* 21Mb
2GB pay as
you go
£26.50 price details Buy now
EE Buzzard Car Wifi Packaging

EE 4G Buzzard Mobile Broadband - 15GB

Receive emails, search Google maps or download photos five times faster than 3G with 4G. £19.99 upfront cost

IDEAL for in-car use. Inclusive BT Wi-Fi plus get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday

More info

up to* 40Mb
15GB 1 month £20.00 price details Buy now
Vodafone R206

Vodafone Mobile WiFi 10GB - 30 day

Connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices with your own mobile wireless broadband hotspot. £49 device cost.

Vodafone WiFi hotspot deal on a short term contract. 4G-ready device

More info

up to* 21Mb
10GB 1 month £30.00 price details Buy now
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Wireless mobile broadband explained

Wireless mobile broadband for the most part refers to the kind of connections provided by MiFi units. These are handy, pocket-sized gadgets that enable you to share a wireless mobile broadband connection between multiple users simultaneously.

As with dongles, MiFi broadband users can buy credit on a pay as you go monthly basis basis or sign up for a longer annual contract.

The principal difference between a MiFi and a dongle is that dongles only allow you to connect one device to the Internet. Conversely, a MiFi lets five people share the same connection.

How does a MiFi broadband device work?

MiFis work in much the same way as wireless broadband hotspots that let you get online in locations such as municipal buildings, certain coffee shops and fast food chains.

In a nutshell, a MiFi taps into cellular 3G or 4G networks and generates a mini, localised wireless broadband cloud with a radius of over thirty feet. This signal can be picked up by any devices in the vicinity.

Which mobile broadband providers offer MiFis?

Currently, providers offering 3G or 4G MiFis are Three, Vodafone and EE. Short contract, pay as you go deals or longer contracts are all available.

Using a dongle and router to get wireless mobile broadband

Mobile broadband, which runs on the mobile phone network, is intrinsically wireless. In comparison to home broadband, which needs landlines or cables, wireless mobile broadband can be used wherever you are - wirelessly.

Mobile broadband continues to dominate the UK broadband market and the latest development to spur this growth is the development of mobile wireless routers, also known as MiFi units or MiFis, that can be used with laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

How to use wireless mobile broadband:

  1. Turn on your MiFi unit. Then wait for your computer to pick up the signal it emits.

That’s all you have to do – it’s a one-step process.

Advantages of wireless mobile broadband:

  • You can share your broadband connection with the rest of your house
  • More than one person can connect to the Internet at any time
  • No need for a landline, which spells massive savings on rental
  • You can create a wireless area wherever you go – at work or in the home

Disadvantages of wireless mobile broadband:

  • If your broadband download speed is extremely slow, sharing the connection between more than two or more people will exacerbate this problem, even make it impossible to connect to the Internet.

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