Scottish and southern energy price changes

SSE price changes 2015

SSE (including brands Atlantic, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric and SWALEC) have dropped prices for 2015

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Latest price change

The price drop will impact only SSE's customers currently on their dual fuel, standard rate plans, and takes effect 30 April 2015.

For more details on this supplier, including price history, customer satisfaction scores and where their average bill costs rank amongst the big six, view the SSE page.

What uSwitch say about the price change

Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch Ann Robinson said of the price drop:

“It looked as though the gas bill reductions were slowly becoming more generous, but it’s disappointing that SSE has not reduced its prices further or sooner.

“Is EDF Energy going to be the one who does the right thing and announce a price cut that properly reflects the fall in wholesale prices? Energy companies need to take greater steps forward to help ease the pressure on homes trying to make ends meet – rather than simply pointing their toes in the right direction.”

What should I do about the SSE price change?

Only SSE customers currently on their standard, dual fuel plans will see a price cut — a difference of £28 per year on average. If you are on this plan you could be overpaying by hundreds, even with the price change.

Be sure to use an energy comparison site to check for cheaper gas and electricity deals in your area.

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