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Your kettle could start taking longer to boil

Technology has been trialled to reduce voltage when there's not enough electricity for demand

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Energy Saving 1 month ago

It’s the end of the Green Deal

DECC have announced there will be no more funding for the energy efficiency loans scheme

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Good Energy 3 months ago

World first: UK energy supplier starts accepting a local currency

Bristol pounds are now an acceptable way to pay under Good Energy

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Renewable energy 3 months ago

Renewables — Six degrees of energy news

A round-up of popular renewable energy stories, just steps apart.

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Energy efficiency 4 months ago

Tesla’s Powerwall has huge potential — and not just for solar panels — Updated

This new energy storage device has the potential to produce greener homes or help with your bills while you're still on the grid.

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Green deal 9 months ago

Is the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund set for a comeback?

The government could be set to allocate part of a £100m fund to the second phase of the popular Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

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Smart meters 10 months ago

Smart meter roll-out delayed by up to a year?

£11bn plan to install gas and electricity smart meters in homes around the country may have been pushed back till October 2016

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Boilers 10 months ago

Flow Energy boiler generates electricity to help you cut your energy bills

British company gears up for launch of a new type of boiler which could cover 40% of your electricity needs

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Green deal 11 months ago

Is the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund making a comeback?

The popular scheme which sold out just seven weeks after launch is gearing up to make a £100m return

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Renewable energy 11 months ago

Britain welcomes its first floating solar panel system

A solar panel project installed on a reservoir in Berkshire is expected to prove more lucrative than similar structures on fields

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