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Latest energy news: price rises and cost saving updates

Find all the latest energy news affecting UK customers here. Stay on top of price rises, potential savings and more with our collection of gas and electricity-focused articles.

Uswitch 2024 Energy Awards winners announced

Uswitch has announced the category winners of its 2024 Energy Awards.

Energy price cap to rise to £1,928

Ofgem has announced that the energy price cap will increase to £1,928 from 1 January 2024, which means a bill rise at a time of peak energy usage.

Octopus Energy agrees deal to buy Shell Energy

Octopus has resolved the long-mooted exit of Shell Energy from the UK by striking a deal to acquire its energy and broadband customers.

Energy price cap level lowered for third consecutive time to £1,923

With the price cap level being lowered yet again by Ofgem, what does this mean for customers and the likelihood of being able to switch to affordable energy deals?

Uswitch 2023 Energy Awards winners announced

Uswitch has announced the winners of its annual Energy Awards, which have been slimmed down this year to reflect the ongoing challenges of the energy market.

Nearly six million households are stuck with a supplier they didn't choose

Uswitch research has found that nearly six million households are stuck with an energy supplier they didn't choose after their previous energy supplier went out of business.

Uswitch and So Energy launch exclusive fixed deal cheaper than the price cap

Uswitch and So Energy have launched an exclusive fixed deal cheaper than the price cap to both new and existing customers.

Energy price cap to be lowered to £2,074 from July 2023

Ofgem announces a reduction in the level of the energy price cap, from £3,280 to £2,074.

Energy suppliers are sitting on almost £7 billion of households' money

Uswitch research has found that, after an unusual winter, households are entering the spring and summer with credit in their accounts when they would usually be slightly in debit.

UK salons struggle as energy bills top 40% of business costs

Uswitch research shows that hair salons and beauty parlours in particular are struggling with the significant costs of the energy crisis.

Handley Park in Sixpenny Handley is the hardest street to heat in England and Wales

Uswitch's annual survey of England and Wales's energy performance certificates has revealed the hardest and easiest streets to heat.

Energy Price Guarantee level to remain at £2,500 for a further three months

The government has announced that the Energy Price Guarantee, through which it keeps customers' energy bills at a lower level than they otherwise would have been, will be maintained at its current level until the end of June 2023.

Energy suppliers could soon offer fixed deals between £2,200 and £2,500 according Uswitch analysis

With wholesale energy prices dropping and the Energy Price Guarantee due to stay at £2,500, suppliers could imminently be in a position to offer customers fixed deals.

Ofgem cuts energy price cap level to £3,280

Ofgem has cut the level of the energy price cap from April, though it will remain higher than the government's Energy Price Guarantee.

Uswitch launches Utrack Money Back demand flexibility scheme

Uswitch has announced the launch of its demand flexibility scheme, Utrack Money Back.

Arguments over energy usage on the rise in UK households

Uswitch research has shown that in the wake of high energy bills, more people are now arguing about energy use than they previously were.

Non-direct debit customers see energy bills rise in January

Although the Energy Price Guarantee is protecting customers from big price rises, some have seen a small increase since the beginning of 2023.

Government launches energy-saving campaign with support from Uswitch

The long-mooted government energy-saving campaign has launched across the country with focus on Uswitch and Utrack.

Uswitch announces launch of new mobile app Utrack

Uswitch has today launched its new mobile app, Utrack, which is designed to help energy users track and change their energy usage and habits.

Uswitch encourages UK households to Check, Track and Change their energy usage this winter

With more than a fifth of households saying they can only cope with rising bills by cutting their energy usage, Uswitch is encouraging customers to check, track and change their energy habits this winter.

Energy Price Guarantee sees energy prices frozen at £2,500 for two years

In the wake of rocketing energy bills making life financially impossible for UK households, the UK has intervened to fix energy prices with the Energy Price Guarantee.

Energy price cap level raised to new record high of £3,549

The second energy price cap revision of the year sees it raised to a new high of £3,549 for average use households across the UK.

Households underestimate energy price cap increase by over £1,000

With the price cap due to increase in August, Uswitch research has found that many households are vastly underestimating the amount it's likely to increase by.

UK households already owe £1.3 billion ahead of winter bill hikes

With an energy price cap increase imminent, Uswitch research has found that UK households' energy debt is already extremely high.

Ofgem confirms quarterly price cap

Ofgem has confirmed that it will now review the level of the energy price cap four times a year rather than twice.

Uswitch publishes Energy Crisis Plan

With a new Prime Minister to be appointed imminently, Uswitch has today published its Energy Crisis Plan calling for more support for UK households this coming winter.

Government announces new energy-focused cost of living relief measures

Energy bill increases have prompted the government to put together a package of financial relief measures for vulnerable customers.

UK energy debt reaches £1 billion with about one in four customers in debt to their supplier

Uswitch research has found that energy debt has topped a billion pounds this year, with 25% of customers in debt to their energy supplier.

Unprecedented energy price rise comes into effect

A 54% increase in average energy bills has come into effect under the first price cap of 2022.

Uswitch reveals the 10 things you should do before energy prices rise

With a significant energy price rise incoming, Uswitch has put together a ten-point plan to help customers prepare for higher bills.

More than 800,000 UK households install a smart meter since start of energy crisis

The energy crisis has seemingly spurred a surge in smart meter installations, with nearly a million households getting one in the past few months.

First price cap of 2022 set to rise to record high of £1,971

The energy price cap is due to rise to £1,971 in April - its highest ever level - as a result of the ongoing wholesale energy market crisis.

Two million homes face being pushed into debt as energy costs soar

With energy bills rising to once-in-a-generation heights, Uswitch research has found that millions of UK homes could end up in debt to their supplier.