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First Utility 2 years ago

First Utility calls for one-day switching

The independent energy provider has launched a campaign aimed at getting the energy industry in line with the telecoms and banking sectors

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EDF Energy 2 years ago

Energy suppliers fight to offer best deals

With a raft of fixed price contracts coming to an end and rumours of impending price rises, energy suppliers have launched a number of new fixed price plans

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Co-operative Energy 2 years ago

Incoming: First Utility customers’ £200 price increase looms

Select customers to be moved to more expensive tariff effective June 1st

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Energy efficiency 2 years ago

‘Insulate against energy bill rises’ urges NIA

National Insulation Association: 'Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills'

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First Utility 2 years ago

First Utility announces energy bills hike

Energy market rocked by the biggest price increase from a small supplier so far.

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British Gas 2 years ago

Fear prevents customers from leaving big six energy suppliers

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First Utility 3 years ago

First Utility launches cheapest plans on the market!

First Utility is officially the cheapest supplier.

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Energy Suppliers 3 years ago

First Utility pulls market-leading dual-fuel and fixed tariffs

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Energy Saving 4 years ago

Take action on your energy bills now

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British Gas 4 years ago

The Big Six alternatives – why opt for smaller energy suppliers

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