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Energy Suppliers 2 months ago

Billing issues top consumer energy complaints

Citizens Advice: Why have suppliers 'been getting it wrong for so long'?

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Switch energy 2 months ago

From smart meters to smartphones — young people need engagement to save on energy

Are you one of the under 35s that doesn't understand their energy bill? QR codes may help!

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Good Energy 3 months ago

World first: UK energy supplier starts accepting a local currency

Bristol pounds are now an acceptable way to pay under Good Energy

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Energy prices 3 months ago

Your energy bill — Six degrees of energy news

Connected stories you should know about, all surrounding your energy bills

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Energy meters 3 months ago

UK consumers are now half a billion pounds in debt to energy suppliers

Are you one of the four million households that owe money to an energy company?

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Fixed price plans 3 months ago

Is your energy plan ending soon?

Don't let yourself be rolled onto a pricey tariff — you can switch before your end date!

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Public interest 3 months ago

The Royal Estate — an energy overview

She may have the most sought after properties, but one has energy troubles too!

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Renewable energy 4 months ago

Renewables — Six degrees of energy news

A round-up of popular renewable energy stories, just steps apart.

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DECC 4 months ago

The UK’s new energy secretary has been announced

Amber Rudd is Ed Davey's successor as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

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Energy efficiency 4 months ago

Tesla’s Powerwall has huge potential — and not just for solar panels — Updated

This new energy storage device has the potential to produce greener homes or help with your bills while you're still on the grid.

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