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The Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy is part of the well-known Midcounties Co-operative

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Midcounties set up Co-operative Energy in 2010. Although founded by a regional co-operative, Co-operative Energy is a national business, covering the whole of England, Wales and Scotland.

Customer satisfaction

The Co-operative Energy had less than 150 responses in our independent YouGov survey, so we can’t show a customer service rating. This is not necessarily an indication of poor performance.

Recent price changes from Co-operative Energy

In October 2013, Co-operative Energy announced a price rise of 4.5% for its customers, effective January 2014. New customers would see this increase with immediate effect. Just a few weeks later, in November 2013, the small supplier announced a reduction of its price rise of 2%, effectively setting the overall price rise to 2.5%.

At the time of the October price rise announcement, General Manager Ramsay Dunning stated that the rise was due to the increasing costs "associated with buying energy and getting it into customers' homes". However, Dunning also stated that, to show its committment to its customers, the supplier would effectively "go havles" on these increased costs, passing on only half of the increase and absorbing the remaining cost.

In November, Co-operative Energy released a statement along with the price reduction explaining that the move "is in response to the clear indication that the Government has given that it will remove the mandatory Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) green taxes on gas and electricity bills."

However, consumers should be aware that the energy provider may reverse course yet again: "If ultimately we have misread the signals and social taxes remain in place for next year we will have no alternative but to review this decision but at least our customers will have benefited over the difficult winter months."

More about Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy is owned by the customers rather than shareholders, who in turn help make decisions about how much profit is shared and how much is invested.

The Co-operative Energy try to ensure the gas and electricity they source contains less than half the carbon content of the national average.

The small supplier aims to offer plans that are "consistently among the cheapest" instead of an absolute cheapest energy tariff. This, Co-operative Energy states, is because they take a long-term approach to customers, and do not offer rock bottom deals simply to win new customers.

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