Flow energy

Flow Energy

Flow Energy is the brand-new dual fuel supplier to the energy market, offering a simplified approach to energy

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Boasting a ‘simpler’ energy experience, Flow offers just one fixed rate plan, and it is only available as a Direct Debit plan with paperless billing.

Flow Energy highlights its leadership team of industry innovators and insiders, which they say allows them to offer the most competitive rates.

Customer satisfaction

Flow Energy had less than 150 responses in our independent YouGov survey, so we can't show a customer service rating. This is not necessarily an indication of poor performance.

Corporate info

Flow Energy is part of Energetix, a UK-based firm founded in 1997 that focuses on developing and commercialising products to meet the quickly evolving energy needs of the country.

Why we like Flow Energy

Though not yet available, Flow’s unique boiler can be a market innovator. The electricity it generates will reduce customers' bills and their carbon footprint.

They also offer UK-based customer service personnel who are empowered to provide answers and help the first time customers contact them.

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