Health Insurance

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Finding cheap health insurance with uSwitch is easy – just call us with your details and we’ll show you a range of the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance policies.

The benefits of private health insurance

The benefits you’ll receive from your private health insurance plan will depend on your level of cover, but in general you’ll be able to:

  • Skip NHS waiting lists and receive treatment as and when it’s convenient for you
  • Receive fast-track consultations and treatment for short-term medical problems
  • Receive private treatment in an NHS or private hospital

What to check before taking out health insurance

Before you compare medical insurance suppliers it’s important to check the following details:

  • The level of excess on the policy (the amount you would pay towards a claim)
  • Which hospitals you’re able to be treated in
  • The types of patient fees covered
  • The kinds of additional benefits that may be included
  • Whether any particular illnesses and treatments are not covered


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