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James Andrews

Articles and guides written by James Andrews

James Andrews Senior personal finance editor

James has spent the past 15 years writing and editing personal finance news, specialising in consumer rights, pensions, insurance, property and investments - picking up a series of awards for his journalism along the way.

His past roles include money editor for Mirror Online, editor of Yahoo Finance UK and content editor at MSN Money and he has been a regular contributor to national radio shows including TalkRadio and the BBC World Service on money matters.

Header showing campaign title 'how well do Brits understand financial terms?'

How well do Brits understand financial terms?

Know your CHAPS from your AER? Uswitch test Brits knowledge to find out how well they know key financial terms and which ones they struggle with the most

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Disney pixar Cars

The most popular fictional cars around the world

Uswitch have collected Google data to find out what the most Googles fictional cars are across the world.

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Woman driving

Famous women in the motoring industry

To mark International Women’s Day, we decided to look into the impact this has had on women’s confidence around driving and delve into the history books to find out the true role women have played throughout motor history.

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Woman driving

What your car reveals about your personality

Exploring colours, models, and brands, we teamed with expert psychologist Lee Chambers to find out what your choice of car reveals about your personality traits.

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GB Number plate

How to read the secret language of number plates

In recent weeks, Australian celebrity barrister, Peter Lavac, hit the headlines after the controversial number plate ‘LGOPNR’ on his canary yellow Lamborghini was banned by Transport NSW for being too offensive.

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