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Neil Dennis

Articles and guides written by Neil Dennis

Neil DennisFinance Writer

Neil Dennis has been a freelance writer and journalist for four years, having spent the previous 16 years writing about financial markets for the Financial Times.

He has written extensively about banks, interest rates, currencies, the stock market and new developments including Bitcoin.

Whiplash claims

Making a whiplash claim on your insurance policy

This guide spells out how a whiplash injury is caused, who is liable and how to make a claim, as well as the impact of the UK government's efforts to cut out fraudulent claims.

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Car insurance for over 50s

Pay-by-the-mile car insurance

If you drive only a few miles during the year annual car insurance can seem unfairly expensive. Pay-by-the-mile car insurance can be a cheaper alternative.

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Motorway cars

Driving on motorways: the rules and advice

Driving safely on fast-paced roads such as motorways and other multi-lane highways is an important skill that even some of the most experienced motorists lack.

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Lanes filled with drivers in heavy snow.

Driving in winter

Driving conditions during the winter are more hazardous than in the summer as roads ice up and the nights get longer. This guide spells out the seasonal dangers, any possible impact on claims, and what you can do to reduce the risks of accidents, car trouble and getting stranded.

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