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Broadband deals with free gifts

Enter your postcode to start comparing broadband deals available to you:

Broadband with free gifts explained

Lots of broadband deals come with free gift vouchers and rewards cards that you can spend on a range of things online.

Our broadband and free gifts page will show you all of our latest broadband deals with these complimentary vouchers attached. They often start at around £30 but can rise all the way to £120 at times, especially during Black Friday. That could be up to several months' worth of broadband payments in cashback to spend on what you'd like online.

Browse all of our best broadband deals with free gifts by adding your address into our postcode checker box. You can:

  • Compare broadband deals with vouchers, cashback or gift cards

  • Choose between lots of part-fibre or full fibre broadband offers

  • Check a range of voucher amounts to see which ones offer the most cashback