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NOW Broadband: Brilliant Broadband & Sky Cinema Membership

  • NOW Broadband

    NOW Broadband: Brilliant Broadband & Sky Cinema Membership

    11 Mbps
    average UK speed*
    £29.99 a month
    £10.00 setup cost
    or call 03300 412 483
Setup cost
Monthly cost

Months 1 - 12

Average monthly cost

Total cost, including setup and monthly costs, divided by the number of months in your contract.

Total contract cost

Includes setup and monthly costs.

Extra costs to be aware of

Mid contract price rise

Some providers may increase monthly costs during your contract, in line with inflation.

Check their terms for details.

Out of contract price rise

It’s likely your monthly cost will increase when your contract term ends.

That's why it’s always a good idea to switch or re-contract your broadband at the end of your contract.

Early exit fees

If you leave your contract early, you may have to pay an exit fee (or early termination charge).

The amount depends on how long you have left on your contract and how much you pay each month.

Average download speed
11 Mbps
Average upload speed
1 Mbps

*Average speeds are based on the speed available to at least 50% of customers during peak time (8 to 10pm). Your actual speeds may be higher or lower.

Time to download an HD film
49 mins 39 secs

Based on downloading a 4GB file in high definition (HD) at the average speed for the package. Your actual speeds may be higher or lower, so the time shown is a rough guide.

Ofcom automatic compensation scheme

This provider has signed up to Ofcom's automatic compensation scheme, so you’ll get money back if something goes wrong without having to ask for it.

Usage limits
Unlimited downloads

This lets you download as much as you want, whenever you want.

Broadband type
Compare to other broadband types
What's included
Number of TV channels
Selected channels


  • Sky Cinema
Sky Cinema
Why choose NOW Broadband?

Why choose NOW Broadband?

Stay in control: Cancel anytime with no contract options.

Prices to suit your needs: Choose from a range of flexible pricing options.

Multiple TV packages: Add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Atlantic to your plan.

Switching to NOW Broadband

Select your new deal

Choose your package and confirm your details.

Check on your switch

Your new provider usually manages your switch. If you're changing network, check if you need to cancel your old service.

Get connected

NOW Broadband will get you online on your activation date. Keep an eye out for any updates.

14-day cooling off period

You always have a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can cancel your request to switch broadband provider – free of charge.

Terms & conditions

Sky Cinema Membership auto-renews unless cancelled.

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