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Vodafone Full Fibre 150

  • Ends soon
    Vodafone Full Fibre 150
    average UK speed*
    a month
    no setup cost
    monthly cost will rise every April by £3
    • £65 voucher
    More info
  • Total setup cost
    Monthly cost
    Months 1 - 24
    Average monthly cost
    Total cost, including setup and monthly costs, divided by the number of months in your contract.
    Total contract cost
    Includes setup and monthly costs.
    How to claim your voucher

    Once your broadband is activated, you’ll get your voucher within 120 days. You then have 90 days to claim it.

    Any questions? Email **** for help.

    T&Cs apply.

    Extra costs to be aware of
    Mid contract price rise

    Your monthly cost will rise every April during your contract by £3. Check Vodafone's terms for details.

    Check the provider's terms for details.

    Out of contract price rise

    It’s likely your monthly cost will increase when your contract term ends.

    That's why it’s always a good idea to switch or re-contract your broadband at the end of your contract.

    Early exit fees

    If you leave your contract early, you may have to pay an exit fee (or early termination charge).

    The amount depends on how long you have left on your contract and how much you pay each month.

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