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OVO EV tariffs

As one of the most forward-thinking big energy suppliers operating in the UK, it’s no surprise that OVO has dipped its toe into the world of electric vehicles with a tariff - OVO Drive EV Tariff - which is specifically aimed at EV owners who want to charge their cars at home.
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Surprisingly OVO only has one EV tariff, but as the electric vehicle market develops, it’s a safe bet that the specialised tariffs on offer will develop too.

How does the OVO Drive EV Tariff work?

Unlike the majority of EV tariffs, the OVO Drive EV Tariff doesn’t tie customers into having to charge their electric cars during off-peak hours in the middle of the night. Instead, it offers a flat rate per unit of electricity throughout the day and night, though this will differ depending on where you live. This also means that customers don’t have to install a smart meter if they don’t want one, as the company doesn’t need to track off-peak usage versus peak usage.

The plan also isn’t limited to existing OVO customers - anyone can join it as long as they have an electric vehicle and are willing to have their gas supplied by OVO as well. 

Additionally, the tariff is fixed for a year, so you won’t have to worry about rates suddenly going up. 

How much does the OVO Drive EV Tariff cost?

As previously mentioned, the cost of the plan will depend on where you live, as unit rates and standing charges differ slightly from region to region. At the time of writing, an example postcode for a 2-3 bedroom property in Surrey shows that the rate per unit of electricity will be 30.78p and the standing charge will be 23.32p per day. With high energy rates common across the market, it’s important to calculate how much electricity you’re likely to use both on a normal basis and in terms of the electricity required to charge your vehicle and make your decision based on that.

What else do I get with OVO Drive?

Some of the other features of the OVO Drive tariff include:

How do I switch to OVO Drive?

If you’re happy with the quoted prices when you enter your postcode and property size, you can switch directly on OVO’s website. Its switching team will then facilitate the switch and get in touch with your current supplier, so there shouldn’t be anything else you need to do.

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