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ScottishPower EV tariffs

As one of the traditional big six, it’s no surprise that ScottishPower has dipped its toe into the EV tariff waters with its SmartPower EV Tariff.
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The electric vehicle market is only set to grow as environmental concerns over the use of petrol and diesel vehicles lead to bans on the sale of new models around the world. With electric car owners needing to be able to charge their cars at home rather than relying on public charging points, it’s inevitable that energy suppliers will develop specific EV tariffs for customers to sign up to so they can charge more affordably. 

At the time of writing, the SmartPower EV Tariff is the provider’s only EV tariff - how does it work and how much could it cost?

How does the SmartPower EV Tariff work?

Similarly to EV tariffs developed by other energy providers, the SmartPower EV Tariff utilises peak and off-peak hours to help customers charge their vehicles at a lower rate during the night. Its off-peak hours run between 12am and 5am.

The tariff is only available to existing ScottishPower customers who have a smart meter (which is needed so the provider can accurately track the energy you use at different times of the day and night). The electricity you use is 100% renewable, sourced from UK-based windfarms.

It’s worth noting, too, that ScottishPower says its Time of Use tariffs (e.g. those with peak and off-peak hours) are beta products, which means “they use cutting-edge technology that we continue to develop and improve” - so they could be subject to change.

How much does the SmartPower EV Tariff cost?

The cost of the SmartPower EV Tariff will vary depending on where you live because different regions are subject to different prices per unit of electricity and daily standing charges. To find the estimated cost of the tariff for your area, you’ll need to enter your details into the ScottishPower website for a quote, though you shouldn’t take it as gospel - calculate how much energy you’re likely to use at different times, factoring in charging times for your electric vehicle, and work out from there whether this EV-specific electricity deal is the best option for you.

Should I switch to the SmartPower EV Tariff?

As noted above, you’ll need to be a ScottishPower customer already to switch to the EV tariff. With energy prices still high and unlikely to significantly drop in the near future, your options for switching between providers might be limited anyway, so if you’re thinking about investing in an EV (or already have one) that you want to charge at home, this tariff may be the most affordable way of doing so.

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