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How do I read my EDF Energy bill?

Most of us struggle to make heads or tails of our energy bills. Don't worry, Uswitch is here to help
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woman reading her bill

We’ve taken a sample EDF Energy bill and shown you where you'll find the key information.

This sample EDF Energy bill may not look exactly like yours (bill info varies based on your meter type and your method of payment of the EDF energy bill), but the format will be similar.

The main info on your EDF bill

Overview of charges

edf energy bill scan

The first page of your bill should show you your charges, the time period you're being charged for, and your account balance. The balance will inform you if you're in debit or credit to EDF. Knowing this can be a good indicator of whether or not your direct debit is at the right level to cover your energy usage. Supplying regular meter readings keeps your balance as accurate as possible.

Tariff usage and charges breakdown

edf energy bill

Further down your bill will be the charge breakdown. It will show you your tariff name (which is also shown at the end of the bill), which could quickly flag whether or not you're on your supplier's often expensive default tariff (standard variable tariff). This bill shows that the customer is on a tariff called Welcome Variable, which will be the standard variable tariff.

You'll also see your current (at the time the bill was created) meter reading and the previous reading, and see how your charges relate to the amount of energy EDF thinks you've used - each kilowatt-hour here is charged at a rate of 27.84p for electricity and 6.994p for gas. You can also see the meter numbers EDF is using to double-check your meter is the one that's being charged, rather than a neighbour's.

Tariff details

EDF bill C

At the bottom of the bill is the general information you need to know about your tariff: its name, end date, payment method, exit fees and estimated annual consumption.

How do I pay my EDF Energy bill?

How you pay your gas and electricity bill will depend on your chosen payment method. If you have paperless billing and an online account, you can pay your bill online.

If you have opted for "pay on receipt", then you can pay your bill by sending payment by post, or in person at the post office or at a Payzone facility.

You can also pay over the telephone by contacting EDF Energy directly.

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