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Energy Q&A: How do I read, understand and pay my EDF bill?

Most of us struggle to make heads or tails of our energy bills. Don't worry, uSwitch is here to help

Where’s my consumption for this month? What do I owe? Do I have an early exit fee? What is a TCR? Why can’t I just find my unit rate? Or my standing charge?

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If these questions feel all too familiar, you’re not alone. In a 2013 survey from uSwitch, 75% of consumers reported being confused by their energy bills.

That’s why we’ve created a simple, easy-to-understand EDF Energy bill breakdown, that makes it simple to find the information you’re looking for. We’ve also included tips and other info so you make the most informed decisions about your energy costs.

uSwitch have taken a sample EDF Energy bill, and made it easy to quickly find everything from your gas and electricity unit rate to your standing charge to your annual consumption — you can even find out if your plan has an early exit (cancellation fee).

View the EDF Energy bill breakdown

This sample EDF Energy bill may not look exactly like yours (bill info varies based on your meter type and your method of payment of the edf energy bill), but the format will be similar.

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Help me understand my EDF Energy bill

Whether you regularly look at your energy bills or haven’t opened one in a while, you’ll have notice some changes to the information included starting in April 2014. We explain these changes below.

"Could you pay less?" This section of your bill is a requirement under Ofgem reforms. Your supplier must now tell you if you are not on their cheapest plan.

You may be told that you are already on their cheapest plan, or be given the name of another plan. Just remember — this is only your own supplier’s cheapest, and may not be the cheapest energy plan on the market.

Be sure to run an energy price comparison before changing.

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Personal Projection You will see a lot of figures tied to your consumption on your bill: your consumption for the bill period, your annual consumption and your Personal Projection (PP).

Your PP is meant to provide you with an idea of how your costs will change for the year ahead. Your "Could you pay less?" info is based on this figure, and it is calculated using your current energy plan and its prices, including any known future price changes affecting that plan (such as price rise that has been announced but not gone into effect).

If you’re on a fixed energy plan, there are extra considerations to your PP. Read more about personal projection and how it works with fixed plans.

How do I pay my EDF Energy bill?

How you pay your gas and electricity bill will depend on your chosen payment method. If you have paperless billing and an online account, you can pay your bill online.

If you have opted for "pay on receipt", than you can pay your bill by sending payment by post, or in person at the post office or at a Payzone facility.

You can also pay over the telephone by contacting EDF Energy directly.

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