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EDF price changes

EDF Energy price changes

EDF Energy has announced a price decrease of 5.2% on variable gas prices, effective from January 2017, and price increase on variable electricity of 8.4%, effective from March 2017. For dual fuel customers, this equates to an overall price increase of 1.2%.

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Latest price changes taking effect in 2017

Supplier Gas price change (%) Electricity price change (%)

EDF Energy

Down-arrow 5.2% (Effective Jan 2017) Up-arrow 8.4% (Effective March 2017)

What should I do about EDF's price change?

You are only affected by the price change if you are on EDF Energy's standard variable rate energy plan. In which case, if you do nothing, you'll be on the most expensive of all the big six's standard rate plans from March 2017.

EDF Energy's electricity-only customers are particularly impacted, as they have the full impact of the 8.4% increase without the balance of the 5.2% gas cost decrease.

Claire Osborne, energy expert, said of the news:

“... it’s disappointing to see EDF already committing to price rises in March that will make them the most expensive variable tariff of the big six.

"Increasing the price of an already high energy bill could leave almost 2 million EDF standard variable customers buckling under the pressure, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow even if it is after the winter months – consumers still need to keep the lights on.”

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