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How do I read my E.ON Next bill?

If you're confused by your energy bill, you're not alone - energy suppliers are often regarded as having the most complicated bills out there.
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Person reading bill

We’ve taken a sample E.ON Next energy bill and shown you where you'll find the key information.

The main info on your E.ON Next bill

Overview of charges

e-on bill

The first page will show you the basic breakdown of your usage and how much that's cost you for the period that your bill covers. Your overall account balance will also inform you if you're in debit or credit to E.ON Next. Knowing this can be a good indicator of whether or not your direct debit is at the right level to cover your energy usage. Supplying regular meter readings keeps your balance as accurate as possible.

Tariff usage and charges breakdown

eon energy bill

This example is for an electricity-only tariff — gas would follow the same format on a different page.

The second page shows more details about your usage over the billing period, including unit rates charged per kilowatt-hour. The customer here is being billed at two different unit rates because during the billing period, they were rolled onto E.ON Next's standard variable tariff when their fixed deal came to an end. You can see the change in unit rate from 17.31p to 28.08p per kWh when that happened.

This part of the bill also shows information about the tariff(s, in this case) including name, whether it's fixed or variable, what the exit fees are and what the unit rates and standing charges are.

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