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Uswitch announces launch of new mobile app Utrack

Uswitch has announced the launch of a brand new mobile app, Utrack, which has been developed to help customers track their energy usage more easily and change their habits to check their energy use, reduce it wherever possible and therefore manage their energy bills more easily.
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Utrack logo

The app is available to download for Android users now and will be available to download for iOS users from December 2022. It replaces the existing Uswitch app.

The features that will be available at launch are:

  • Smart meter connection - track your home energy usage across the day

  • Personalised energy insights that update on a daily basis

  • Potential savings calculations you can make by adjusting how you use energy at home

  • The ability to monitor the impact over time of those changes you make

  • Energy efficiency ratings for your home and comparison with similar homes

  • Quizzes to play and boost your energy efficiency knowledge.

It is hoped that the app will aid energy users throughout the UK in navigating their way through the ongoing energy market crisis and wider cost of living challenges.

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