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Ecotricity is a renewable electricity and gas supplier, and was the first green electricity company in the world

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2019 supplier rating for Ecotricity

ecotricity supplier rating

Ecotricity scored five out of five stars in the 2019 customer satisfaction survey from uSwitch.

About Ecotricity

Ecotricity offers just one plan each for gas and electricity, and uses the money from customers' energy bills to build and maintain renewable energy sources, develop energy storage and expand its electric vehicle charging network.

Ecotricity also offers its "Frack-Free Guarantee." Fracking is the term used for hydraulic fracturing, the controversial method of drilling into the Earth to pump in chemicals and water to release gasses trapped in the rock. The gas is collected and used to produce energy.

Ecotricity instead produces gas through "grass-fed green gasmills".

Learn more about Ecotricity in our Meet the Small Suppliers interview.

Ecotricity price changes

In November 2016, Ecotricity implemented a 5.7% price rise.

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