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Eco Trends Report: Top trending eco hacks & products on TikTok

Discover TikTok’s top trending eco-friendly brands, products, and helpful hacks and reduce your impact on the environment from home.
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Eco friendly toiletries and cosmetics

TikTok is home to over 800 million users around the world, many of whom use the platform to share their wisdom, opinions and best tips on all aspects of life.

If you’re looking for ways to live a greener life, it’s a great place to pick up some of the best eco hacks and eco product recommendations - whether it’s ways to reduce your carbon footprint or how to reuse everyday household products to reduce waste.

Curious about the top eco trends on the platform, we analysed TikTok data to reveal the most popular eco-friendly products and the most-watched eco hacks.

From how to make your own deodorant to using root veg ends to regrow food, we analysed the number of views for different hashtags relating to over 50 eco hacks, and then ranked them from the most to least viewed to reveal which were the most popular on TikTok. You can also read here about green energy in the home.

Our research discovered the most popular eco-hack is creating plastic eco-bricks, with ‘how to’ videos amassing a whopping 19 million views on the platform. By using empty plastic bottles and filling them with unrecyclable plastics such as packaging, wrapping and plastic bags, you can send them off to be used for construction purposes and help to reduce the amount of plastic in landfill and the oceans.

Banana peel fertiliser is second on the list of top trending eco hacks, with a total of 8.3 million views. As a way of reducing and repurposing waste, you can store banana peel in a jar filled with water, then leave to rest for a week, and start watering your plants and vegetable patches and watch the magic happen.

Also in the top five environmentally-conscious tips are DIY paper envelopes using scrap pieces of paper, followed by reusable jars which have a total of 1.5 million views (and counting).

RankDescription of hackTikTok hashtag# Views on TikTok
1Create eco-plastic bricksEcobricks19,000,000
2Eco-friendly fertiliser from old bananasBananaeelfertiliser8,300,000
3Grow your own loofahHomemadeloofah3,500,000
4DIY paper envelopesDiyenvelope2,300,000
5Reuse jars and containersReusejars1,500,000
6Homemade plant fertilizer using coffee groundsHomemadefertilizer1,500,000
7Using root veg ends to regrow foodRegrowveggies1,400,000
8Homemade lip balmHomemadelipbalm1,300,000
9Homemade eco-friendly cleanerHomemadecleaner1,300,000
10Regrow lettuceRegrowlettuce1,100,000
11Reusing brine to create picklesHomemadepickles1,100,000
12Reuse old clothes to reuse wasteUpcycleclothes1,100,000
13Turn a milk container into a plant potMilkcontainerplant865,100
14Making homemade vinegar from old applesHomemadevinegar218,000
15Reducing waste by freezing avocadosFreezeavocados151,100
16Make your own deodorantHomemadedeodrant148,300
17Make your own oat milkHomemadeoatmilk75,900
18Upcycle candle jarsReusecandlejars71,800
19Homemade beeswax food wrap for food storageDiybeeswaxwrap46,200
20Create your own vegan wax wrapsVeganwaxwraps31,800

Our research showed menstrual cups are the top trending environmentally friendly product on the social media app, with over 861 million views for the hashtag ‘menstrual cup,’. Natural deodorant comes second with 47 million views and beeswax wraps are third with 32 million.

Menstrual cups are the green alternative to tampons and sanitary products, and were created as an eco alternative to traditional period care products that mostly contain plastic and aren’t biodegradable. The rubber-based alternatives are reusable and often last years, making them more sustainable (and cheaper!) than the throwaway products that are most commonly used. ‘Natural deodorant’ is second on the trending list with a total of 47.3 million hashtag views on TikTok. Unlike regular deodorant that often comes in aerosol cans or plastic roll-on sticks, natural deodorants are taking the internet by storm for being stored in glass jars or metal tins, which make them more environmentally friendly than throwaway packaging. Third on the list are beeswax wraps; an eco-alternative to cling film. You can use them to wrap up food, then wash them up and reuse them all over again. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill, it is also thought to reduce food waste thanks to their slightly sticky texture keeping everything fresh. Period pants (underwear designed to be used during your period that acts like a sanitary towel to be washed and reused) are fourth on the list with 24.3 million views, followed closely by the hashtag ‘shampoo bar’ in fifth place with 24 million views.

RankProductTikTok hashtagTikTok # views
1Menstrual cupMenstrualcup861,500,500
2Natural deodorantNaturaldeodorant47,300,000
3Beeswax wrapsBeeswaxwraps32,100,000
4Period pantsPeriodpants24,300,000
5Shampoo barShampoobar24,000,000
6Reusable shopping bagReusablebag12,000,000
7Swedish dishclothsSwedishdishcloth7,100,000
8Reusable cotton padsReusablecottonpads6,800,000
9Bamboo toothbrushesBambootoothbrush6,300,000
10Reusable strawsReusablestraws1,900,000
11Reusable water bottlesReusablewaterbottles1,100,000
12Reusable face maskReusablefacemask565,700
13Reusable sanitary padsReusablesanitarypads386,200
14Reusable baking matsReusablebakingmats366,300
15Deodarant barsDeodorantbar212,800
16Silicone wrapsSiliconewrap204,100
17Zero-waste toothpateZerowastetoothpate196,200
18Reusable food wrapsReusablefoodwraps195,900
19Eco-friendly cleaning productsEcofriendlycleaningproducts189,500
20Bamboo makeup padsBamboopads165,800
21Reusable coffee cupReusablecoffeecup80,900
22Reusable tamponsReusabletampons41,100
23Reusable razorReusablerazor39,300
24Coconut brushCoconutbrush35,400
25Reusable coffee podReusablecoffeepod26,200

If this has inspired you to implement more eco-friendly lifestyle changes, read up on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.