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What is gadget insurance?

If you’ve ever dropped your mobile, you’ll know it can be expensive to repair or replace. Carrying your phone, laptop or camera around with you risks them being lost, stolen or damaged.

Gadget insurance provides cover for a single item or a bundle of devices under one policy, including:

  • Mobile phones

  • Laptops

  • Cameras/camcorders

  • Tablets/e-book readers

  • Smartwatches/wearable devices

  • Games consoles

You’ll need to shop around to compare gadget insurance quotes. They could start from £1.50 a month depending on the value of the device. Excess – the amount you have to pay before the insurer steps in – typically around £25 to £75 per claim.

Do I need gadget insurance?

For many of us, our mobile devices are essential to get through our everyday lives. You should consider getting gadget insurance if:

  • Your gadgets are expensive to replace

  • You own several of gadgets

  • You use your gadgets on the move, e.g. reading your Kindle on your commute

  • You have lost gadgets or had them stolen before

  • If you are accident prone or have a history of losing your gadgets

Are devices covered by my home insurance policy?

Many home insurance policies won’t provide gadget insurance for devices taken out of the home. The excess for gadgets on home insurance policies can cost £100 to £300 per claim.

Putting easy-to-lose gadgets on your home contents cover also risks more claims. This can make home contents insurance quotes more expensive. You could find you’re locked out of the cheapest home insurance offers. Cheap gadget insurance could be a better answer.

Compare phone insurance

iPhone insurance

When a new iPhone launches it instantly becomes a must-have for mobile tech fans. The iPhone 11 ranked the 5th most searched for item on Google in 2019, the only gadget to make it into the top 10.

Every iPhone comes with AppleCare iPhone insurance. This is the iPhone’s warranty, a type of mobile insurance that covers you for a year against any faults with the phone. You also get iPhone support for 90 days.

Apple offers two other types of iPhone insurance. AppleCare+ extends your phone warranty for another year, and covers you for two events of accidental damage. AppleCare+ with theft and loss is the same as AppleCare+, but also covers your phone’s handset, battery and earphones.

iPhone insurance can be more expensive than other mobile phone insurance quotes. You’ll need to shop around and compare phone insurance and gadget cover quotes to get the cheapest mobile insurance quotes and the best phone cover deals.

Other phone devices

You may prefer the gaming phone Razer, or a Samsung Galaxy phone (one of every five mobiles sold). Whatever phone you have in your pocket it will be worth hundreds of pounds. Mobile insurance is one way to cover the cost if it gets lost, damaged or stolen.

Mobile insurance can help if you regularly lose or break your phone. If you are in a long-term contract and lose your expensive mobile or your phone is stolen, you will probably still have to pay for the device. Mobile insurance will get you a replacement or fix the phone.

Phone cover can also be worth it if you rely on your mobile but couldn’t afford to replace it quickly. Some mobile insurance policies provide an immediate replacement if your phone was lost, stolen or damaged. You’ll need to compare phone insurance quotes to find the best mobile cover for you.

What is the best phone insurance?

Most mobile phone insurance covers you in case your phone is lost, stolen or broken. When you compare gadget insurance or phone cover quotes, look at what else you can claim for.

Some of the best mobile insurance will also cover:

  • Phone accessories

  • Unauthorised calls if the phone is stolen

  • Loss, damage or theft while abroad (and the UK)

Gadget insurance guides

How to get cheap phone insurance?

Cheap mobile phone cover can be hard to find. The more expensive your phone, the more expensive your mobile insurance. You’ll need to shop around and compare the cheapest phone insurance quotes to get the best mobile cover deal.

The monthly price you pay for mobile phone insurance is known as the premium. Phone cover premiums can be as little as £5 a month and as much as £14.99 a month or more.

Compare phone insurance policies to make sure they offer the exact cover you need. Don’t be rushed by phone salespeople. You’ll get the cheapest mobile insurance quote by shopping around.

Other types of gadget insurance

Gadget insurance doesn’t just cover mobile phones. Gadget insurance can also cover laptops, e-readers, cameras, smartwatches and other wearable devices, and game consoles.

Laptop insurance

Your laptop isn’t just a mobile computer. It is what you use to work, rest and play. Losing your laptop, or damaging it can be an extreme inconvenience and replacing it is often expensive. This is where laptop insurance can save you hundreds of pounds. But make sure to shop around to compare laptop insurance offers to get the best deal.

Some laptop insurance policies may also cover your laptop against loss, damage or theft when you’re working abroad.

Some gadget insurance for laptops includes cover for repairs if the laptop is infected with a virus. Laptops can cost thousands of pounds. You’re laptop insurance will need a good level of cover to replace the laptop if it is stolen.

Lots of insurance companies offer laptop insurance. You’ll need to compare laptop cover to get the cheapest quote and find the best deal. Don’t be rushed by laptop salespeople.

Camera insurance

Gadget insurance can provide camera cover. Photography is about capturing the world. Cameras travel with us, wherever we go in the UK and abroad. Photography is also an expensive hobby, with cameras easily costing hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Replacing your camera can be very expensive, if you happen to lose or damage your gear. This is where camera insurance can give you the peace of mind in knowing that if the worst happens, you’re covered. This way you can focus on taking the pictures rather than worrying about your gear.

Multi gadget insurance

Some insurers offer cover for multiple devices, often at a discount. Multi gadget insurance could provide the cheapest gadget insurance quote overall.

A family bundle gadget insurance policy will cover all the gadgets in your household.

How many gadgets you can cover with multi gadget insurance will depend on the insurer. Some policies offer unlimited cover for your gadgets. Others will specify a limit, for example 10.

If you have several gadgets you want to insure, compare multi gadget insurance quotes to get the cheapest deal for you.

You should also compare gadget insurance policies for individual gadgets to find the cheapest gadget cover overall.

What is covered under gadget and phone insurance?

You’ll need to compare gadget insurance policies to find the right gadget cover for you. Gadget insurance will typically cover:

  • Accidental damage: Dropped your phone or sat on your laptop? Most gadget insurance will cover cracked screens.

  • Loss: Left your camera, phone or laptop on the train and no sign of getting it back? Gadget insurance will usually payout.

  • Mechanical breakdown: If you gadget dies after your warranty has run out, gadget cover will typically pay for a repair or replacement.

  • Theft: Cameras, phones, laptops and other devices attract thieves. Gadget insurance covers theft as standard.

Compare gadget insurance

When you shop around to compare gadget insurance quotes, it’s important to consider a few things:

Cover level: Check the maximum level of cover, especially if the gadget insurance is for an expensive device. Compare gadget insurance to check whether your specific device is covered. Some gadget insurance may only cover devices up to a certain age, for example.

Worldwide cover: Gadget insurance with worldwide cover will cover your gadgets anywhere in the world. For example, when you go on holiday. Gadget cover included in travel insurance policies can have low limits and the excess is typically higher.

Excess: The excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. For example, gadget cover may have a £50 excess. If you lose a mobile phone worth £500, your insurer would pay out £450. Policies with higher excesses might be cheaper.

Other features: Compare gadget insurance policies to get the best gadget insurance cover. Check the gadget insurance cover all the basics, like accidental damage, cracked screen, liquid damage, loss, theft, and cover for accessories.

Compare gadget insurance quotes