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Get mobile phone insurance

We've partnered with Protect Your Bubble to provide you with comprehensive mobile phone insurance at great prices, with experienced in-house customer care.
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What is mobile phone insurance?

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Mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated and valuable, which makes getting the right insurance to protect you from loss, theft or damage so important. 

In return for a monthly or annual premium you could benefit from cover against:

  • Your phone breaking 

  • The screen cracking 

  • Loss or theft

  • Unauthorised use or e-wallet transactions

The insurance policy will cover repair costs or a replacement phone of the same type. You can expect your new mobile to arrive either the next day or up to five days, depending on your policy.

Policies can be paid for annually or on a monthly-rolling basis (and cancelled at any time). They can start when you get your phone or after the manufacturer's warranty period expires.

Mobile phone insurance could come in particularly handy if you’re on a contract. This is because under the terms of a contract, which could last up to three years, you’ll still need to keep paying even if you no longer have the phone. It’s a benefit many people take advantage of, even if the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid.

Commonly, mobile phone contracts for more costly devices run for two years. Under the terms of the contract you will still need to keep paying, even if you no longer have the phone.

How do you compare public liability insurance policies?

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Do I need mobile phone insurance?

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Taking out mobile phone insurance could be a good idea if:

  • You have a valuable mobile phone

  • You're tied into a long contract

  • You rely on your mobile for work or social events

If you work from home then you may have sufficient cover under your contents insurance cover. However, it’s best to check exactly what’s covered, and what excesses apply. 

An alternative to standalone mobile phone insurance cover is gadget insurance. This covers electronic devices in your home such as phone, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and wearable technology.


Mobile phone insurance can ensure that your phone is replaced quickly so you're not paying for data and text allowance you can’t use.

How do I make a mobile phone insurance claim?

You'll need to notify your insurer as soon as possible after your phone is damaged, lost or stolen. 

To make a claim you will need the following:

  • Your receipt/details of purchase

  • IMEI number – the International Mobile Equipment Identity code that is unique to your phone

  • Details of the issue – loss, theft or damage. If your phone is stolen, you’ll need to report it to the police and get a crime reference number

Be as clear and accurate as possible about what led to the claim. This will help your claim proceed with the minimum of fuss.

If an incident happens abroad, you may need to obtain a police report (and crime reference number) from the local authorities in that country. This can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating depending on where you are and if there are language difficulties. 

Should the police report be in a foreign language, you may need to have it translated into English before the insurer will accept it, so check what they require.

What does mobile phone insurance not cover?

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Not everything’s covered by phone insurance. Your mobile insurance policy document and IPID, Insurance Product Information Document, will list the exclusions and conditions you aren't likely to be covered for. 

These typically include:

  • Theft due to negligence 

  • Intentional damage 

  • Product defects (this may be covered by your phone manufacturer’s warranty. You may also be covered by the Consumer Rights Act if the phone came with a fault)

  • Dents and scratches (everyday wear and tear)

  • Lost SIM cards

  • Older phones (some insurers cover phones up to 36 months old, but others only cover phones up to 6-12 months old).

FAQs - Mobile phone insurance

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Get mobile phone insurance

Comprehensive mobile phone insurance at great prices
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