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What are the best secured loans or homeowner loans

What is a secured loan? What is a homeowner loan? If you’re interested in shopping around for the best secured homeowner loans, read on.

Secured loans – also known as homeowner loans – offer a way to borrow larger sums of money (usually £15,000 +) by using the collateral equity of your home as security against your repayments.

Compare secured loans

Compare a whole range of secured or homeowner loans for borrowing between £3,000 and £80,000.

Compare secured loans

What are secured loans or home owner loans?

Homeowner loans are aimed at those with a non-existent or bad credit rating as the risk the bank is taking is minimised. The risk is great though as if you fall behind on your payments you might lose your home.

Does the best secured personal loan exist?

Secured homeowner loans are subject to market forces and competition amongst providers. There are multiple providers whose rates change regularly with low rates of interest being offered to attract customers.

Shopping around and comparing secured homeowner loans, rather than responding to the first ad you see, means you are more likely to find the best deal for you.

How to get the best deals

Previously if you wanted to compare secured personal loans, you were often faced with a limited choice of providers to compare.

This is because certain secured loan providers only worked with loan brokers and were not available directly to the general public.

We work directly with suppliers and trusted brokers to ensure that you can compare the widest selection of loans available.

By working only with reputable brokers and direct loan providers we aim to protect you from the pitfalls of borrowing from the wrong type of provider.

What is a secured loan? What is a homeowner loan? - uSwitch explains

Secured loans and bad credit

Secured or homeowner loans can offer the opportunity to borrow money for customers who have experienced money issues in the past and have damaged their credit history as a result.

A secured homeowner loan can be your best deal as:

  • you are more likely to be accepted for a secured loan than a personal loan
  • the interest is likely to be more competitive than personal loans which are available to customers with adverse credit
  • the repayment term can be longer

However these loans work because the provider has the security of your property to fall back on if you default on your payment.

A secured loan needs a lot of careful thought to ensure you are 100% confident you can meet the monthly payments over a number of years and will not find yourself in a situation where you could lose your home.

Find secured loan deals

To find great secured loans deal use the secured loans comparison table.

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Compare secured loans with uSwitch

Compare a whole range of homeowner loans for borrowing between £3,000 and £80,000.

Compare secured loans