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Motorola Moto M: five things you need to know

Motorola’s latest smartphone, the Moto M, is official. The device, widely leaked on social media, comes with a sharp design and a string of enticing specs. But is it worth overlooking the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 for? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Motorola Moto M.

1. All–metal design


Motorola has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the Moto M’s design. It looks every bit as sharp as its older Moto X models, which wowed critics and consumers alike. Motorola has opted for an all–metal design around the 5.5–inch HD display, which can withstand splashes and scrapes. The overall finish is incredibly sleek, especially when you consider this is meant to be a mid–tier smartphone.

2. Rear fingerprint scanner

Moto M finger scanner

Taking its cue from LG, Motorola has opted to include a rear fingerprint scanner. This means you can open up your phone by touching the button on the back panel, allowing Motorola to dispense with the traditional home button at the bottom of the device. You’ll be able to use the fingerprint scanner to protect your personal information and pay for low ticket items using it in conjunction with Android Pay.

3. Camera smarts


Motorola has loaded the Moto M up with a 16 megapixel camera, which features a dual flash, designed to offer better pictures in low light. Up front, there’s an eight megapixel camera for selfies, rivalling higher end phones (the iPhone 7’s is a seven megapixel effort). Both of these are likely to be key features which Moto will use to entice consumers who want a fancy camera without the hefty cost.

4. USB–C

motorola moto z

As is fast becoming standard among Android mobile makers, Motorola has included USB–C tech in the Moto M. This means that the device can charge faster than older USB phones and will be compatible with newer USB–C cables. Apple is the only major mobile maker not to feature a USB–C.

5. Pricing and availability

Motorola M

The Moto M is hitting China first, launching there on 11 November with a SIM–free price of £240. It’s not clear if that price will translate to the UK, although if it does, it’ll put the Moto M very much at the more affordable end of the smartphone spectrum.

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