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O2’s revamped flexible tariffs with extended roaming: five things you need to know

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O2 has expanded its flexible tariffs option, building on a system it first introduced in October 2017.

The new deals, which are available now, offer greater flexibility when it comes to monthly data usage, meaning prices can be vary from month to month.

And with new roaming options, now could be the time to switch networks.

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about O2’s new flexible tariffs.

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1 Change your data, save money

Last year’s flexible tariffs from O2 heralded a new way of doing business.

Rather than offering fixed data allowances, customers were able to change how much they used depending on their needs.

These new tariffs build on that, with deals ranging from 1GB to 50GB data allowance.

It means that you can pay £16 a month for 1GB of data one month and then switch to paying £36 for 50GB, and vice versa.

Users can change to any other available data allowance, giving them maximum flexibility.

2 One change a month

Flexibility, of course, only goes so far.

You can only change your data allowance once a month, which isn’t the biggest hardship when you consider the strictures of contracts from rival networks.

3 Airtime and Device Plans still separate

These new deals continue O2’s longstanding approach, splitting the cost into separate Airtime and Device plans.

The latter remains steady throughout a deal, while the Airtime plan is flexible depending on how much data you need each month.

At the end of a contract, the Device plan drops to zero, with users only paying for calls, texts and data.

Alternatively, users can pay up the cost of their Device plan early and switch to a newer smartphone.

4 All phones and tablets included

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus hero size

The new deals, which form part of O2 Refresh, are available on every tablet and smartphone offered on the network’s regular upgrade programme, an expansion which O2 says is due to customer demand.

That means you can snag everything from an iPhone X to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or an iPad Pro to an Alcatel Plus 10, and take advantage of these flexible tariffs.

5 More roaming destinations at no additional cost

International roaming hero

O2 says its new tariffs will also include 27 more roaming destinations, bringing the total number up to 75.

Customers who already benefit from O2’s Europe Zone package can now use their phone at no extra charge in countries including the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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